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Dinner at Samuri..

Salam to all..

Last night we had dinner at Hj Samuri, Gombak..

Alia was fine, although she looked tempted by us.. hahah..

Here are a few snaps while waiting for the satay to arrive :

Happy Birthday Ayah..!


Actually today (28th April 08) is Ayah Alia's Birthday! Happy 26th Birthday!! :)

For his birthday, Mama ALia already bought this Crumpler Bag for him (Thanx to Lenny)

And this morning, my dad asked me, "Is there going to be any celebrations tonite?"..

So, i guess we are going to have this as dinner :at : Hahah.. well, lets just see how things turn out..ok?

ALia's 2nd Romper!

Assalamualaikum all.
Last Saturday all of us headed to One Utama
(which happens to be one of my fav hangouts..)..
We went to Mothercare to buy this : (a baby carrier)
Sorry, the woman in the pic wasn't me. I hired her. Hahahah..
We bought this because whenever we went out for an outing, I am the one who has to carry ALia around.. And it was so.. erm.. exhausting.. with the shopping and all.
We bought a stroller already, but ALia is the sort of baby who doesn't like to sit quietly in it..
Oh yeah, and another thing. We bought this romper! (er.. i dunno what to call it.. it stated 'bodysuit') but it looks the same as romper to me.. Hahah.. They were 7 pieces for RM115. Quite cheap though. If you calculate it, one piece will be about RM16.40.. Plus, Alia looks really comfortable in it.. (and yes, it is for home use only) -i think my friend, Hanny will like this!

Update on ALia : She can now hold her toys! (well, sort of)

Look Who's Learning to...?

Assalamualaikum all.
For today's post, i just would like to share something with all of you.

ALia is now trying to CRAWL! (oh well, she is still trying..)

Oh yeah, another thing.. ALia is TALKING! (erm.. in her own way, that is..)

ALia's Car Seat

Assalamualaikum all...

This is ALia's car seat. I just installed it yesterday (noon). We bought it at Mothercare (called grey bear or something..) got bear pictures here and there... It was so expensive... aiyo..

So, yesterday evening, after we picked ALia from her nursery, we put her in it, and see how she reacted..

This was ALia's reaction at first.. (she was looking at trees, by the way.. )Later on she was like this.. (aiyo, what's with the fist, eh?)

Lastly, she fell asleep..... sleep peacefully, sayang..Oh well, I think i can say that she likes it..!

Whaddaya think? :)

Atuk and Wan is BACK!!!!

Assalamualaikum semua...
Well, as you can see, ALia's Wan and Atuk is back from Mecca.
Last Monday, Ibu Alia, Ayah Alia and Alia herself went to SS7 to take Atuk and Wan home,
after 2 weeks missing them..
Alhamdulillah, Wan looks healthy, but Atuk is dealing with some flu and cough.
Here are some picture of ALia with Wan... 6
ALia with Atuk.. 6
And, presenting ALia's latest toy!
ALia drinks milk with him... 6
and even ALia sleeps with him... 6
Hahah.. That's all folks! :)

ALia's Visit to Hospital...

Assalamualaikum all..
This morning, Alia's Daddy, Alia and I went to Kampung Baru Medical Centre (KBMC).

Well, tau kenapa..? Let me tell u..

ALia's cough has been quite some time now.. On and off.

From the first visit to Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, then to KBMC but they refer this case to HKL, which altogether took about 8 or 9 weeks. SURPRISINGLY, up to this day, Alia's cough is still exist!

So, that's why we went to KBMC today.. (this is what KBMC looks like.. heheh)
ALia was waving her hand!

Waiting for the Doktor Pakar Kanak-kanak was quite erm... tiring.. and it was so long, that i have to change ALia's diaper..

Haha.. bila letak dalam troli baby ni, selambak! ALia da besar la.. Lepas tu kaki ALia ni x duk diam lak.. Dia gi tendang besen troli tu.. Dung Dang.. Dung Dang.. Kelakar giler!

Ok so, nasib baik doktor x admit ALia masuk dalam wad.. Kalau tak, sure kena RM1000.. Doktor bagi 4 types of medicine as above [L-R:Rhina, ventolin, klacid(antibiotik), Singular(4mg)]

Erm.. hopefully ALia akan recover sepenuhnya soon.. Insya Allah...

Lepas gi KBMC, kami gi Carrefour Wangsa Maju! Beli barang ALia.. Gi makan kat McD.. ALia tengok jer.. sian dia.. haha! Tunggu lagi 2 bulan je lagi ya....Dan, kami juga beli ini.... 6(topi ALia.. nampak comel sangat.... )

Alia the Finger Sucker!

Assalamualaikum semua...

Erm.. It has been quite some time since I last update this page. Sorry.

I was so hooked up with the Special Science Day Programme at PSN for 2 days.

And for those 2 days too, i had a fever.. Adoi! So I guess that sort of summarise everything eh? Haha..

Eventhough i was down with fever, luckily Mak Uda is around to help me taking care of Alia..

Today, we (Mommy ALia, Ayah ALia and ALia) went to KMM, Melaka to pick Auntie Su-who has just finished her one-year matriculation there.

6Here's a pic of Alia when we stopped by at KFC Masjid Tanah for lunch:

6By the way, ALia is really into this right now (finger sucking!) Nyam..Nyam..

6Aye.. Aye.. Captain! (Hahah.. Ni gambo aritu, time nak tuka baju, ter'stuck' pulak kat kpala ALia.. Comel tak...?)

Alia on a walker!

Assalamualaikum all..
See! Alia on a walker! yeeha!
hahahah.. Oh well, actually I bought this walker a long, long time ago.
At that time, we had some trouble taking care of Danial (ALia's cousin)-who was being so active, so we bought this walker (at Carrefour at a very low price..) and just put Danial in it..
I don't know what came across Alia's dad's mind when he suddenly wants to see Alia in it.
Alia was quite enjoying it, despite her dangling feet on the air..
(as you can see, her feet is a little bit above the floor) :) haha..
Oh well, for the time being, we keep this walker in our room. Maybe we have to wait a little, until she can stand on her own (which takes a couple of months to go.. ) :) Can't wait...

New Gadget!

Assalamualaikum semua...
Pesenting my new (latest) gadget....
(scroll down, please..)




My own laptop! Sony Vaio... (CR 32 G)
I bought it yesterday (Friday) with my hubby at Low Yatt.
At first, i thought of going to the PC Fair which is being held at KLConvention Centre.
But, a dear friend of mine told me that she bought a pc (or a notebook) at a PC Fair and when she wanted to send in her gadget for repair, the shop wasn't even exist!
So, that's why i went to Low Yatt.
I bought this for RM3 488. Quite pricey, though.
The original intention is to get Vaio with Blue skin, but that one cost around RM4 488.
So, i have to settle for this one..
Ok, enough about me. What about Alia, huh?
Last Thursday, we went for her 4 month check up.. She gain a little, just 5.6 kg.
Luckily, at this check up, she didn't get any shots! :) phew!
Oh ya, the nurses there ask me not to put ALia's mittens anymore, because around 2.5 month to 5 months, she should be able to grab / hold things. And she is nowhere near that target! hehehe..
So, bye bye mittens!

Alia Meniarap!

Assalamualaikum semua...

Lesson 1 : Ajor Alia meniarap is now accomplished!

6 Tu dia, muka orang puas ati da dapat meniarap...

6 Fuh.. Fuh.. Ntah ape yg ditiupnya...

  • Oh ya, by the way, Atuk, Wan, Nenek, Tuk Ta dan Tuk Su telah selamat ke Mekah untuk mengerjakan Umrah petang semalam.. Doakan mereka selamat semuanya ya! Insya Allah..

Alia's First Vacation..

Assalamualaikum semua..

Actually tajuk tu grand betul.. Actually, it's not really a vacation, more like 'jalan-jalan'..
Ceritanya gini.. Adek kami (Ika) yang kat Matrik Melaka tu da nak abih blajo. So, kena la amik barang dia peringkat by peringkat.. so weekend lepas (Sabtu n Ahad, kami sekeluarga termasukla kek na sekeluarga semua landing kat melaka..)
Seronok giler! rasa macam hari raya pun ada.. (pasal semua orang ada.. Atuk, Wan, Eli, Ika, Alia sefamili and Danial sefamili)

Mak alia da book hotel di Bidara Puteri Beach Resort, tapi rupa-rupanya tempat tu jauh giler dari Tanjung Bidara.. So, kami terpaksa la duduk di Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort (mamandangkan it is very near to the Matrix..).

Ada swimming pool, so Danial apa lagi! Seronok betul dia swimming.. :) tapi x da gambo dia berenang la..

6Gambar ni kami ambil dalam bilik.. Alia muka bosan je..

5Yang ini Alia ngan Eli (Mak Uda) kat luar (perhatikan nyiur melambai-lambai..)

Actually kat luar resort ni bahaya sket. Ada beruk. time kami nak check out, dia boleh masuk dalam boot kereta, ambil Milo 3 in 1 (Ice Kool) kepunyaan Ika. heheheh.. Beruk pun nak minum Milo ye... (Minum Milo anda jadi sehat dan kuat!)

6Ni ha.. satu souvenir Alia bawak balik..
Dia kena gigit nyamuk! Kena time dia tido kot.. Sian dia..

Alia turns 4! (months..)

Hai semua...
Semalam (2 April 08), genaplah usia saya 4 bulan... (kek kat atas tu ilustrasi jer..!)

So, lets have a look at what I can do at 4 months...
  • i can smile whenever someone talk to me, or 'agah' me..
  • i can 'meniarap' (especially if i was laying down on a pillow) - if without a pillow, it would be difficult for me to turn..
  • i can sleep on a matress! yay! (before this, i have to sleep in a 'buai', but nowadays, my mom finds that i am able to sleep without it..
  • i only wakes up once or twice at night for some milk..
  • i stay awake more.. so my mom have to think of ways to get me occupied...
  • i can speak! (i can say 'aa aah'...) my mom would like to upload a short video on it, but it may take a while coz she's not a pro..
  • Last but not least, i can do this! 6

My First Romper..!


Sebenarnya ari Sabtu lepas kami sekeluarga ke TESCO Ampang.. Saja nak tengok what does a TESCO looks like.. (Mak Alia has never been to a TESCO store before.. heheh..)
So, kami pun beli la satu romper ni.. kaler belang2.. cantek sangat! (Bagi maknya la..)
So, semalam kami pun test la pada Alia ni..
This is what Alia looks like in her first (and only) romper..
5Kelihatan gumbira.. ok la tu kot..

5Stim je mata.. ngantuk la tuh..!

So amacam..? cantek tak baju nih..? (kalau cantek, leh beli lagi.. :)


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