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Trip to Museum!

Salam to all..

This morning a group of my colleagues and I went to 'Muzium Sultan Alam Shah' at Shah Alam. If u don't remember, this is the museum that once held the 'Pameran Hantu, Jin dan...' (or something like that).

We were ordered to go there to see the 'Pameran Senibina Haiwan'. Yes, the admision is free!

These are the things i saw this morning:

5How spiders make their web!

5Japanese with their flag and bike (when they came here and conquered Tanah Melayu..)

~~~Overall i guess it was a wonderful trip, we get to see how others make and run their exhibition. I used to see and having our own exhibition OUR WAY.. hihi..

Maybe by being a science centre, so our exhibition galleries are full with:

~ interactive exhibits : (visitors can play/touch/assemble etc)

~ interactive activities

I guess, visitors can and will appreciate more this way. Plus, It makes LEARNING more FUN!

Tagged! (No 4)

Salam to all...

This entry is replying the tag by Mutuk Family . Thanx! Hihi.. I thought I could get away with it.. :)

ok, the rules are:
~ snap pic babycot anak anda dari sudut atas
~ snap setiap 1 benda yg ada dlm babycot tu
~ tag la sesapa pun yg korang nak..

Ok, let me put it this way (chronologically) hihi..

(1-2 months) : she sleeps in her cot. The baby cot was lended (or given..? hihi) by my lovely sis, Kek Na

Not much things in it : some pillows, bolsters, surah Yaasin, and yes, the model was sleeping..

(2 - 3 months) : She barely sleeps in her cot, dunno why.. so we had to buy a swing (buaian) and yes, she really loves it! and she can even sleeps for several hours straight!

(3 months - now) : Thinking of how difficult it is to bring the swing 'ke hulu-ke hilir', so like it or not, we had to train ALia to sleep without it.. and, alhamdulillah, we managed to make her fall asleep!

Actually I dunno whether those mentioned answers the tag or not.. hihi..

On Follow Up (episode 2)

Salam all.

As I said earlier, we TRIED to go to Klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak An-Nur last Friday and it was to no avail. Well, guess what, we TRIED to go there yesterday too! (after magrib prayer) and it was ALSO negative! (Traffic jam was so bad!) So, this morning after Alia's Ibu and Ayah went to the office
and had our breakfast, then we headed to the clinic! Alhamdulillah! the traffic was a smooth one and we made it there in less that one hour! (about 45 minutes or so). Impressive!

Well, the doctor in charge arrived quite late (around 9.30 am), whereas clinic opens at 9.00am, and we got there at about 9.10 am. Erm.. i don't really mind coz she seems as though she was overslept and to me, it can be forgiven.. hihi

So, while waiting to see the doc, Alia was playing with this toy (i dunno what do u call this)

And.. after a while, she got bored! and she play 'tarik-tarik' with her dad's tag... We went to see the doc. she said we have to CONTINUE giving ALia her medicine (Singulair and gas inhaler). Oh.. I thought we just have to finish the antibiotic and when she's ok, we can stop those two medicine! we were wrong! Doc said that Singulair has to be given each and every day, no matter she's fine or not. That medicine is so easy to give to Alia. Just open up the sachet, and put it in her milk (only at nights)! i don't think she noticed it. hihi.. Doc said this medicine will helps her NOT TO BE SICK/HAVING BRONCHITIS AGAIN.. oh.. i hope so.. really do!

Oh ya, updates on ALia:
-she like to play with plastics! (yes, i have to be extra caution with it..)
-she learns to SMILE! hihi.. yesterday, when i wanted to snap, i told her to smile, and she did! hihihi...

On Danial and Mr Bee!

Salam to all.

Ok, so last Friday we intended to go to the clinic. Well, guess what..? As soon as I reached home from work that day, i quickly pack ALia's backpack (some people call it 'diaper bag' or something..) (yes, it contains diapers, some clothes, a thermos ~ with hot water, a plastic tumbler ~ with cool water, a 'segitiga' (i dunno what u call a 'milk powder dispenser'), and we are all set!)

The ride was so smooth, until we came to the MRR2, which was something like this..

(hahah.. i took this from somewhere on the net..)

*u know why..? Coz it's School Holiday! Alamak...!

So, after a while on the packed, bumper-to-bumper road, we decided to call it quit! We just can't go on with it.. plus! we won't make it in time.. :(

When we get home, we had to wait for a while, then this cheeky lil' fellow arrived!

He is so grown up! Yet he is still a baby to me.. hihihi..

Look, how 'manja' he is! Kek Na pangku Alia, dia pun sebok je nak duk kat situ gak...(yup! this is my sis, with Alia n Danial..)

Oh ya, presenting...... Mr. Bee! err... Actually this Mr. Bee comes together with Alia's Playgym.. But since my mom said " jangan nak menyemakkan umah aku ye.." ("don't u ever mess up my home"), so we hadn't open up the gym eversince. But I still want Alia to play with the toys.. so, i took them apart, and Mr Bee was one of 'em!

See what Alia can do with her Mr Bee...
~munchin'... munchin'....~

And another thing.. I can see that she is very fond of putting things into her mouth..
(I thought this habbit comes and goes..
But I think, it never goes anywhere!!)I think i may need mommies' advice on this..

Follow up..!

Salam to all.

Well, this morning, as I was getting ready for work, suddenly it hit my mind! When is Alia's next appointment (follow up) with the Dr at An Nur..? Is it next week..? So, I quickly searched for the appointment card.. It stated..... 23/5 Jumaat.

Alamak! TODAY!!!!!!!!!

So i talked to Ayah Alia.. He wasn't very keen to go there.. Yeah, maybe its too far from our house at Keramat..

And I on the other hand, reluctant to go because I did not want to spend yet another night at their ward! (Just in case if Alia has to be warded AGAIN!) (sigh..)

But when I see Alia's face this morning.. I knew what I had to do.. Her health has to be my number 1 priority.. So, I said to my hubby, lets go there after Magrib Prayer.
**appointment time :3.30 pm to 9.00 pm**

Hope we can make it in time! ;)

Oh ya, another thing, I was told that my sis, Kek Na is coming here this evening! with Danial, of course! Hihi.. Feel as though I hadn't seen him in years! Can't wait to see what he can do now..

**sometimes i think Danial and Alia's 'raut' quite alike.. lemme show u..

This is Danial
This is Alia
Ok la, eventhough they aren't 100% alike, i guess there are similarities at some angles...


Alamak! I've been tagged!

Alhamdulillah.. at least, I know somebody remembers me! Thanx Baby Sarah

1. Link to the person that tagged you and posts the rules on your blog.
2. Share seven random and/or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Actually i dunno if what i write here considers "random or weird things" or not.. Haha.. Here goes!

1. I only have 2 high heels (one from my 'hantaran bertunang' and another one, u guess it, from my 'hantaran kahwin'!). And yes, i don't actually wear heels. i like casual shoes with no heels.

2. I am not a handbag fan. The one that i am using now is the one i got from my wedding 'hantaran'. And it is STILL in good shape!

3. I am not a horror movie fan. So, each time there's Saka, or Seekers, or even Ghost Hunters (Star Movie), i would rather watch something else (like cartoon or whatever there is..)
4. I seldom buy new clothes. Usually I buy Alia's. Haha.. Dunno why, but my baby always comes first!

5. I can't wait till the day Alia is 2 years old.. I just feel time flies so slow. I am anticipating what can she achieve and how she grows..

6. I like watching Noddy! Haha.. Funny but true! The first time i fell in love with Noddy was when I intended to ajak ALia to watch together. But in the end, she plays with her toys and I was watching it till the end!

7. Ah.. this is the last one. let me think.. I have so many things to say that i suddenly forgot! erm.. ah, I am a Tom Cruise's fan! haha.. need i say more?
Oh ya, I nearly forgot! (I became so forgetful esp after i deliver Alia.. dunno why.. maybe the 'urat mengingat' has putus or what..). Ha.. another 7 people i'd like to tag! :
1. Danial
2. Hanny
3. Mommy Lily
4. Mama Mia aleeya
5. Hanis
6. Razinah
7. Mama Khayra Batrisya
** If anybody listed had been tagged before, I am so sorry, just ignore this ok. hihi


Salam to all.

Err.. Many asked me, how is Alia doing...

Well, I can say she's recuperating.. she's doing fine, but not TOTALLY recover.. :(

Last nite when we play, I can still hear her rapid breath together with some clogged mucus.. (and some cough too!).. But as i said, maybe the healing process takes time..
6Alia can now play 'pegang-pegang' toys, especially if we put it in front of her. (But we have to put very near her, if not she won't REACH for it herself!)

6ALia can now hold and try to pull out her socks!

Sleep time can be difficult sometimes, especially when she turns, and if she OVERturns, she will be in the position of 'meniarap'(roll-over). So, she will be awake at once, and I have to turn her back (in the sleep position) and soothe her.. Arghh!

6SO, we invented these 'penghadang' (barriers):
[spongebob and a bolster..]

It had been 2 days, and so far ALia's sleep was getting better..

6Ibu, can I eat...?

5Cak! We caught Alia doing this last nite..! (she was baring-baring and hold the end of the matress at one hand, and then roll-over) Walla! This is what u get! hahah..

Admitted! Isk.. Isk..

Assalamualaikum all..

Sorry for late update.... Alia was admitted!

Ok, let me tell u the story...

Thursday (Morning) - We took Alia to Tanglin Klinic to get her 5th Month's shot..
Thursday (Evening) - Since we were on leave that day, and Alia caught some cough n flu, we went to An-Nur Specialist Hospital in Bangi. Many told me that the hospital is good! That's why we went there, despite there are some nearby hospitals..

So, Dr Mahani (I think that's her name) asked us to go for a treatment called nebuliser ('neb').... ALia was ok at first, but later on she broke into tears..
After the neb, Dr examine her again, but she insisted on admitted her.

(Reason being was that she suspected Alia was having Bronchitis (please forgive me if the spelling is incorrect). Bronchitis can be seen from her chesty cough, and she has been having the cough for quite some time now. If this Bronc.... not treated, it may lead to pneumonia.. (that's what i've been told..) Aiyo...

Although we had no intention to admit her, what so ever, but for the sake of her health, I just 'redha' and hope for the best!

So, the treatments are:

-antibiotic (orally) and not so orally hahaha.. (they injected Alia's foot and some medications went thru there..) Poor Alia.. Has to suffer..

-gas (they gave us a tank!)

and every 4 hours, a nurse will come and give it to ALia to inhale it..
Erm.. before Alia was admitted, we told the Dr that we planned to do Alia's 'berkhatan' at Hamid Arshad Clinic, and Dr Malini told us that we can do it here, so, we agreed to it.

*sorry, pic too sensored to be published..

Oh ya, forgot to tell u, Alia also went to see a Physiotherapist. He showed us how to tap her back after the gas session.

and also he did some suctions thru her nose. Yes, she was crying (out loud!)

* sorry, no pic, i had to hold her tightly..

  • Ooh. Look who had visited ALia! (Atuk, Wan and Uda..) :
To cut things short, after 2 nights and 2 sessions of physio, Alia can FINALLY go home! (how happy I was..!)

But we were given a pump and we had to do a treatment using it every 6 hrs.

Altogether was around RM2 000.00. Yeah, quite expensive! Lucky us Alia was insured! :)

In the end, when I see her smile, every minute, every obstacle just worth it!

New Blog..?

Assalamualaikum all.

I used to visit my friends' blog each time when I'm free.
A few days ago, I came across Baby Hafiy Al-Fateh blog, entitled 'Sejarah Kacang Botol' or something like that..

5Our 'Misai Kucing' (Cat's Whiskers) Plant

It suddenly struck my mind that although planting is a very common thing people do during their pastimes, but actually, doing it the right way is another thing.

I am lucky to have this job, although it is not what I learnt in the varsity and it's not what i had dream of. When I started working here at the Pusat Sains Negara, I was startled when they asked me to take care of livestocks (sheeps, ostrich..) , plants (hydroponics, herbs..) and at the same time, I have to come out with activities to be offered to school children who come here for visits.

5Cucumbers, anyone..?

Yes, at first there were times that I shyly admit that I take care (still am) of those mentioned live things.. But, you'll never know what you learn now can be benefits to you or others as well.


Ok, to cut things short, I learn to masterized everything hands-on, and for some reasons, I was thinking of creating another blog. The one where I put all my knowledge on how to manage plants, livestocks, and also a whole bunch of science activities that you can do at home (and you get to teach your kids SCIENCE!). How COOL is that?!

Yeah, do let me know what YOU think of it.. Coz if there are no takers out there, why should I waste my time and energy doing it, rite..? :) Wassalam..

5ALia ~ wondering...

Happy Mother's Day (08) !

Salam to all..
Yesterday was a Mother's Day. So, happy mother's day, mak! heheh..
Well, we (Ika, Eli and I) at first decided to get gold for our mom
(gold = bracelet/pendant/neclace) We went to Jaya Jusco, but I forgot that gold has reached about 100 gms = RM 120 (or something like that..).

So, if we buy a pendant for mom, which costs around Rm 300, and guess what..? Pendants for that price are SOOOOOO SMALL..
So we changed our mind.. We gave mom these instead.. :

Actually the present is the perfume (far left). It was Pure Poison ~ Christian Dior... I've always love this perfume, but it is so expensive so i guess for mom, what the heck.. They gave us the pink bag (inside it were a few creams etc..).

Oh ya, we also gave mom the card! (hehe.. Acu wrote 'hepi besday mom', instead of 'hepi mother's day..' hahaha)

Oh ya, Mama Ryan gave this pic to upload on our blogs.. Kinda cute, though.. Thanx!

Oh ya, at nite, we all went for a treat! Chicken chop! These are 2 models.. the rest of pics are quite dark.. (biasa la, handphone murah je..) So, i just upload this one, k..

Another thing... ALia is here.. smiling.. and vomiting a bit.. hahah.. on Uda's lap..

Simply Alia

Salam to all..
Actually I was sort of preoccupied with the tag game, that i suddenly realized i hadn't write any updates on Alia.. So sorry, folks..!

Ok, Alia now is getting more difficult to put her to sleep.. Maybe because I am simply someone she can play with.. or maybe she just not feel very sleepy yet.. or may be she just want to do some roll-overs before she felt asleep.. Haha.. But that's the main prob that we (my hubby and i) face rite now.. Alhamdulillah, so far I can still 'understand' her - although sometimes she wants to sleep on my lap, sometimes on the matress and sometimes when i hold her.. yes, there are times that i have to try ALL the above..
6Tryin' to crawl.. But the main concern here is that sooner (August) or later (October) I would have to go for some outstations. And it really bothers me that my hubby can't really make her sleep. Argh..! Hopefully everything will be alright.. heheh.. :)

6 Finally.. dozed off..

Oh ya, forgot to tell u that Amalina (ALia's babysitter at the nursery) told me that Alia plays (crawl and turn-over) during noon AND evening! (Usually she'll sleep in the evening, before i pick her up). But now, Amalina has to 'balut' / 'bedung' Alia so that Alia goes to sleep.. (yeah, folks, its that difficult to put her to sleep..)

So, she'll look like this... :
Haha.. Don't u think i look cute..?

Love Tag

Got this tag from Ted! ( I hadn't being tagged, but that's ok.. hahah..) Thanks for spreading the love...

(Note: Some of the links were lost before the tag was passed on to me. Sorry, but you can google the name of the blogs if you're interested to find their links. Thanks!)

Cut and paste the following starting here.

I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!)It’s real easy!
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Now I am passing this beautiful Pink Heart Tag to:
1.Hanis - Baby Hariz
2.Hanny - Mama Damia
3.Kek - Mama Danial
4.Lenny - Mama Alya
5.Mama Lily Safiyya

Tagging Game (No 2)

Ok, so this is the number 2 tag...

This game also by Mama Ryan and not forgetting Mami Hafiy. I am not so sure on the instruction to do this tag, but it has something to do with your workstation..

So, Let's see what MY workstation looks like..

This is my office (cubicle). As u can see, it is sooo messy.. Not that i don't like to arrange it, but somehow, i think i find things EASIER this way.. :)
Ok, this is what i see everyday.. wallpaper - has to be Alia picture.., Posts on the partition- pics of Alia and Danial . Some tags - I collect them each time i went for courses/seminar..
However, I don't sit in the office all the time. This is my core business. Doing experiments for school children who come to National Science Centre.. I take care of Biotech experiments.. The girls here are doing fingerprinting.. (same thing like the one you see in CSI..)
Who I'd like to tag:
1. My sis - mama Danial..
2. My dear Friend - hanny
3. Mama Hariz
4. Anybody who's reading this... ;)


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