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Admitted! Isk.. Isk..

Assalamualaikum all..

Sorry for late update.... Alia was admitted!

Ok, let me tell u the story...

Thursday (Morning) - We took Alia to Tanglin Klinic to get her 5th Month's shot..
Thursday (Evening) - Since we were on leave that day, and Alia caught some cough n flu, we went to An-Nur Specialist Hospital in Bangi. Many told me that the hospital is good! That's why we went there, despite there are some nearby hospitals..

So, Dr Mahani (I think that's her name) asked us to go for a treatment called nebuliser ('neb').... ALia was ok at first, but later on she broke into tears..
After the neb, Dr examine her again, but she insisted on admitted her.

(Reason being was that she suspected Alia was having Bronchitis (please forgive me if the spelling is incorrect). Bronchitis can be seen from her chesty cough, and she has been having the cough for quite some time now. If this Bronc.... not treated, it may lead to pneumonia.. (that's what i've been told..) Aiyo...

Although we had no intention to admit her, what so ever, but for the sake of her health, I just 'redha' and hope for the best!

So, the treatments are:

-antibiotic (orally) and not so orally hahaha.. (they injected Alia's foot and some medications went thru there..) Poor Alia.. Has to suffer..

-gas (they gave us a tank!)

and every 4 hours, a nurse will come and give it to ALia to inhale it..
Erm.. before Alia was admitted, we told the Dr that we planned to do Alia's 'berkhatan' at Hamid Arshad Clinic, and Dr Malini told us that we can do it here, so, we agreed to it.

*sorry, pic too sensored to be published..

Oh ya, forgot to tell u, Alia also went to see a Physiotherapist. He showed us how to tap her back after the gas session.

and also he did some suctions thru her nose. Yes, she was crying (out loud!)

* sorry, no pic, i had to hold her tightly..

  • Ooh. Look who had visited ALia! (Atuk, Wan and Uda..) :
To cut things short, after 2 nights and 2 sessions of physio, Alia can FINALLY go home! (how happy I was..!)

But we were given a pump and we had to do a treatment using it every 6 hrs.

Altogether was around RM2 000.00. Yeah, quite expensive! Lucky us Alia was insured! :)

In the end, when I see her smile, every minute, every obstacle just worth it!


Inah said...

hye zuai..lama gile x jumpa hang kan :) sis

zuhaini said...

hai inah...
heheh.. last time kite jumpa time nak sit for SPM.. hehehhe..
Ko sehat..? bila ntah nak buat reunion...

mrs noba said...

my lil' girl pun demam sbb ada flu... :(

cendawanintim said...

lor, siannya little alia, cepat sembuh yer sayang..

For u too, take a good care ok..

zuhaini said...

Mrs Noba:
Iye..? Siannya.. nak buat camne ek, da musim.. :( (sigh..)

Insya Allah. mekasih! ;)

mama ryan said...

admitted??? isk isk isk..

mujur dah kuar hosp... tp siannye kat alia. kene pakai pump tu..

zuhaini said...

Mama ryan:
Tq.. tu la pasal.. sian alia.. kat umah pun stiap 6 jam bagi gas.. (x kerap mana pun) hihihi

Babysofia said...

aduhh kesian nyerr alia, syukur alhamdullilah dah sihat and dpt kuar hospital yerr... btw take gud care dear :)

IdaShah said...

cian alia...dah sihat kan alhamdulilah..

pika-pika said...

cian alia erk...
acu nak g kg br tau alia msk wad..
korg x g tau pown..huhu...

zuhaini said...



Kami x nak kacau org tu, tgh buat orientasi.. heheheh

suealeen said...

salam kenal,
cuba baca sini
dalam blog akak. tapi ada orang kata kalau dah suction specifically fisio, susah sket nak baik & kemungkinan untuk penyakit berulang sebulan sekali tu agak tinggi. cubalah cara macam akak buat, insyaAllah berjaya. wallahualam...

btw, tq for visiting my blog :-)

mummysyafie said...

hi..salam kenal

baby alia pun kena nab ke? anak kiter yang no 2 tu selalu arr kena.pun macam alia gak..

eps kalau batuk tu take times nak sembuh..salalu kiter gi Wong Kids Specialist kat kajang..doktor tu best sgt.

zuhaini said...

Ok, nanti saya berkunjung ke page yg dimention..

oh, ye ke..? erm.. kajang sy x familiar sgt..


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