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Trip to Museum!

Salam to all..

This morning a group of my colleagues and I went to 'Muzium Sultan Alam Shah' at Shah Alam. If u don't remember, this is the museum that once held the 'Pameran Hantu, Jin dan...' (or something like that).

We were ordered to go there to see the 'Pameran Senibina Haiwan'. Yes, the admision is free!

These are the things i saw this morning:

5How spiders make their web!

5Japanese with their flag and bike (when they came here and conquered Tanah Melayu..)

~~~Overall i guess it was a wonderful trip, we get to see how others make and run their exhibition. I used to see and having our own exhibition OUR WAY.. hihi..

Maybe by being a science centre, so our exhibition galleries are full with:

~ interactive exhibits : (visitors can play/touch/assemble etc)

~ interactive activities

I guess, visitors can and will appreciate more this way. Plus, It makes LEARNING more FUN!


Zue said...

macam kenal aje orang pakai baju maroon, kacau bancuhan cucur tu....

Anonymous said...

ooo ni yg status kate kna g pameran di shah alam yer..hehehe..sonot ke?

*SiRibenMerah said...

thanks for sharing the info about muzium shah alam..
I yg kat sini pon tatau ade pameran tuh.. hiksss =P
muleh pegi neh nnt2..

*baby alia ape khabar??*

Diver Mom said...

Hihii.. tu model cucur udang.. hihi.. dia tgh buat eksperimen tu! (pakai tepung jagung)

linda + ghazi:
Seronok..? Best gak la pasal buleh jejalan.. hehe. tapi bosan sket pasal itu adalah muzium.. kena tengok je.. x leh pegang/main2 push button ke apa ke.... x interaktif..

Hihi.. kami pun tatau, tiba2 disuruh pegi.. :)
Jemput la ke sana, masuk pun percuma!
Baby Alia sehat... :)

Mommy Lily said...

wahhh ada pameran ye.. bagus kalau pegi ni kan..thanks for the info :-)

Anonymous said...

apa ni kakek..baju maroon tu pekerja sukarelawan terhandal tu..ramai budak2 datang nak tgk dia....hahhaha pelaris dia tu

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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