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Assalamualaikum all..

:::::::[on The New Template]:::::::

hihihi.. ok, so i changed the template again.. erm.. i like the previous template, but the color was so.. dull! Grey! So, i used the first template (the one before the grey temp.) and i altered here and there..

So how..? do u like it..? * yeah, i know, i have yet to set the margin of the posts but that one later lah..

:::::::[on Uda n Acu]:::::::

Erm.. Uda has left for UITM junior orientation and her new semester last Sunday...Although it has been just about 4 or 5 days, feels like forever! Ye lah, Uda used to help us around the house.. *especially in helping to take care of the cute Alia.. hihi..

Hm.. Acu pulak will be gone this Sunday. She will enroll for her Biology Course at UKM (can u imagine? I used to DREAM of studying there.. But Acu yang dapat peluang to study there.. bestnyer.. So, babai Ika... hihi..

:::::::[on Alia]:::::::Erm.. she is still dealing with her cough.. :( hmm...
Get well soon, si comel..

**erm... i was too preoccupied with the altering the layout of the template, tu yang x sempat jenguk blog member2 lain.. sori ye.... ampun! hihi..

Alia is Sick! (again..!)


erm.. tajuk tu agak exaggerate sikit.. actually gini, ubat SingulAir yg Alia duk makan ari-ari tu dah abih.. and actually by consuming that ubat, she has some sort of barrier against cold and cough. so, when the medicine was finished, i thought she sudah sembuh sepenuhnya.. so i didn't bother to go out and buy some more..

HOWEVER, just 1 day after that, after she came home from nursery, i can hear coughing.. but it was already late to go out and look after the SingulAir..

So, we decided to buy it the next day. And after several visits (5 visits, to be exact) to local pharmacy, we managed to buy the medicine.. and it was SOOOOO expensive! imagine, one sachet (4 grams) costs about RM8! and if we were to buy a whole box (about 28 sachets), it will cost around RM100+.. heheh.. so mahal la ubat Alia..

That very night we gave Alia her SingulAir..

The day after it, after we fetched Alia from the nursery, we can hear her coughing ~ and it was so bad! (much worse than before..) and we can hear some mucous when she breathed..

That night, Alia cought some fever.. I gave her some Paracetamol.. She played.. and then went to sleep..

:::::[ Happy lil baby..]:::::

:::::[If i can reach some more..]:::::

In the middle of the night, she woke up. Asked for some milk.. I held her head, and she was so hot! I started to panic! My beloved hubby gave Alia some Paracetamol. And she went to sleep again..

In the morning, when we were set to go to office, we decided to bring Alia to see Paeds. After punched out cards, we headed to Kampung BAru Medical Centre.. (My hubby said An Nur was so far far away..)

The doc gave ALia some medicines.. antibiotic, medicines for her fever, cold, cough, and a gas inhaler too! (*sigh*.. inhaler lagi!)

Alhamdulillah, she responded very well to those medicines.. (although we have to STRUGGLE to give em to her..)

* This morning, when i was sending Alia to her nursery, when i put her down, i can hear the baby beside her coughing! (in my thought : Ceh! this is the culprit!!!!) erm.. gitu lah..

on Chopper / Grinder

Assalamualaikum all..

As u all know, i am so lazy in making bubur for Alia..
** actually not that i'm so malas, just that the blender is not in the picture yet.. I went to Giant yesterday, and the cheapect blender was about 70/=.. hmm.. so much for a bubur eh..?
So today, i have found 1 solution..

I hope with this grinder, i will be more rajin.. :)
** this costs about RM18.00.. so murah! (dunno it will last how many months..)

on Spending the Weekend

Assalamualaikum all..
Well, how did we spend the weekend...?

Saturday :

Just the normal routine ~ wake up, had breakfast, bathe Alia.. and then around 10 in the morning, the house went oh so quite! know why..?
~Atuk, Wan, Acu n Uda ~ went to the engagement of my anak buah (Along - anak Pak Ngah). Rasa macam budak je lagi dia tuh.. hihi..
~ Ayah ALia ~ he went to our house (yup, the one and only..) to supervise the Glomac people who will come over and install some pipes etc..
~So, in the end, there were just Alia and me.. hihi..
So, how did Alia spent her Saturday afternoon with me..?

6This one was in the kitchen.. she was looking at the fridge magnets by the way.. erm.. ok la tu.. at least she was well behaved.. :)


Same thing ~ woke up, sarapan.. mandikan Alia..

~around 10 ~we all (yes, all : Atuk, Wan, Acu, Uda, Ayah Alia, Ibu Alia and Alia) went to see our house (again..!) hihi.. this time around, Atuk and Wan would like to see up close, and maybe give some inputs..
And we took Atuk n Wan to this Ah Hock.

**Nearby, there's this one company who rented a house. And they made the house as their so called showroom. My hubby and I went there once and took a look at their kitchen cabinet. I thought that it was erm.. 'not so attractive'. But my hubby said it was ok. So, we took this opportunity to bring Atuk n Wan to see the cabinet for themselves!

And they said ok too! hmm... i guess i was being so cerewet.. hihi.. moreover, it was cheap. 6 K! i already surveyed and i found out that 'nice' cabinets will cost around 20 K something.. hmm..

Take a look at Alia's BORING face.. hihi.. sian dia..

Alia oh Alia..


-->>~ saja nak pakai bahasa ibunda + bahasa pasar sikit ya.. ~<<--

::::::::[on BUBUR]::::::::

Ini ialah Alia (mcm gaya mak danial bercerita..)
Pada hari kami pegi check up itu, petang tu terus ibu alia buat bubur.. heheh..
(jangan tak tau, ibu alia ni kan skema..)
so, inilah rupa alia pada cubaan pertama makan bubur nasi..

Nampak ok, bukan..? hahah..

Alia hanya mampu betahan dalam 6 sudu sahaja..Selepas itu dia mula menanges.. (mungkin rasa bubur nasi itu yg terlalu tawar..nak buat mcm mana, bubur..)

::::::::[on PACIFIER]::::::::

Saya tau, mesti anda semua tertanya-tanya kenapa puting ini sungguh pelik (ataupun hodoh..), kan? hihi.. sebenarnya Ibu Alia ada satu lagi tabiat ~ suka beli puting!
So, ini puting Alia yg terbaru..
Dari Nuby
Dia sangat canggih pasal disamping rupa dia yg pelik itu, dia ada beberapa ketulan pada permukaan puting tu ~ sebagai 'teether'
so dalam erti kata lain,pacifier ini 2 dalam 1! puting n teether! :)
*thanx to mimi who introduced this to me..

::::::::[on CAR MIRROR]::::::::
ok, saya tatau nak bagitau camne..
Kalau anda perasan, pada seat hadapan kereta, di atas kepala tu ada benda alah yg kita guna time silau/panas dan dilengkapi dengan cermin, kan..?
Ha... itu la bendanya!
Beberapa hari yang lalu saya perasan Alia pandang ke situ dan senyum sorang-sorang..
hihi.. sampai ke hari ini, kalau dia bosan tengok kereta lalu lalang, dia akan tengok cermin itu!

Anak-anak anda semua pernah tak main-main gitu...? :) hihi..
you can pay people to TEACH you, but you can't pay people to CARE for you..

New Look!

Assalamualaikum all.

hihi.. Like the new look..?

I kinda bored with the old one...

However, after i changed the template to this one, i kinda frustrated coz A LOT of things has 'disappear'.. and i have to install them again!

-widgets : that can be taken care of..
-Link list : This may be a prob to me..

Therefore, i will try to add YOUR LINK at the link list.. if it is not there, please inform me, ya!

**I kinda forgetful nowadays....**

on Bubur n New House

Assalamualaikum all..
erm.. actually nothing much has happened for the past few days..

oh ya, we (ibu and ayah Alia) were on leave last Tuesday, to settle 2 things:

- Alia's 6-months' check up..
-receive keys for our house (can u believe it..? Our own house! hihi)

::::: [on Alia's Check Up]:::::
So, early in the morning.. we headed to Tanglin Clinic.. Not far from my office (and Wan's office too!). Actually, this appointment was supposed to be on Thursday (last week), but since we (ibu n ayah Alia) had meeting at JPM, we have to postpone it to last tuesday..

As usual, not many people there, just about 2 or 3 pregnant ladies with their hubbies.. within 5 minutes, the nurse called upon Alia and took her weight and height. And after that, consultation session..
-Alia's weight now is 6.6 kg (merely 0.5 kg increased of a period one month).

The nurse : dah start bagi makanan pelengkap ke..?
Me : (with confident) Dah.. tentulah! genap je 6 bulan, terus kami bagi.. (altho we gave Alia a few weeks earlier than that)
The nurse : bagi makan apa?

Me : Saya bagi biskut je.. (we gave Farley's rusk). Tak berani nak bagi bubur, pasal baru lagi..

and guess what..?


Me : er... ok..

and the nurse told me how to prepare rice porridge for ALia and asked me to put in vege, chicken, fish, and some oil (OIL??? she said the oil gives energy.. ye ke? i thought oil is for constipation.. haha)

heheh.. padan muka saya.. tu lah, aritu lagi my friend Hanny has told me to give ALia bubur, but i said later la.. hihi.. now i have to be extra rajin a bit la.. heheh..

:::::[on New House]:::::
So, after that we headed to Saujana Utama and we were given the keys to our new house..
we inspected it at first (the orang from Glomac was a bit late, so we take a look at it first!)
overall ~ ok la, although they still have yet to wash n polish the floor..
So now, my plan is to search for reliable contractors who do kitchen cabinet.
CAN YOU HELP ME...? :) pleeeaaassseeee..... thank you in advance..

on the Family Day ~ no.2

Assalamualaikum all....

This time aound i'm gonna tell u a bit on our last weekend outing, which was at Cherating! :)

I've never been there, but for the rest of my family, this might be their 2nd or 3rd visit.. They used to come to Cherating to play kite after sending me to KUSTEM in T'ganu.
This family day was for the Rukun Tetangga around my neighbourhood..

As usual, i had to stay indoor to take care of lil Alia who plays n sleeps..

But to our surprise, Cherating ALSO got kera! (erm.. what do we call kera, eh...? monkey/ape/baboon...? u pick.. hihi)

This time, there were no stalls selling banana, so my dad had to settle with some groundnuts.. erm.. my hubby donated his Nata de Coco to them.. and i think the kera liked it!

Ika and Eli played their kites... had some bathes at the beach.. (they said the seawater:

  • doesn't feel 'gatal' / itchy at all... (compared to our various experiences with the seawater of Pangkor Island..)
  • was clear as glass!

We had to go there by 2 cars as we had so many things to carry.. plus, we had to cook! we were told there weren't many stalls/restaurants.. hmm...

In front of our apartment:

:::::[Alia n Wan]:::::

:::::[Wan, Uda + Alia, Acu]:::::

We headed home on Sunday. But before we made a move,we went to visit a 'Kompleks Kraf' or something.. It was undergoing some renovation works... We had to see a Batik Painting Show.. I stayed for just about 10 minutes.. Alia was kinda resah gelisah coz it was a bit hot and stuffy..

:::::[The BAtik LAdy]::::: hihi

:::::[ALia at an RnR]:::::

:::::[This is her hobby now ~ jelir lidah!]:::::

Fuh.. That's all for now.. tq!


on the Gates!


doesn't anyone knows where the gated building is..? hihihi

Well, the answer is....:







>> Jabatan Perdana Menteri! :)

It was a little bit intimidating, coz i've never been here before..

The security was quite heavy (as we have to walk under this one sensor thing and our bags being x-rayed... kinda the one we had to go thru at the airport)

But the view were so breathtaking! so cantek oo..

Haha.. that's all for now.. wassalam.. :)

on Coming Weekend


Today (Thursday), i had to go for a course at... 6 here:

CAN U GUESS WHERE in Malaysia have gates like this...?

Another thing.. We're gonna have another family day this weekend! hihi.. Seronoknyer!Can't wait.....

Oh ya, I leave u all with this one:

Alia will smile when she sees her reflection or other people's.. hihi..

on Ratu Hati

Assalamualaikum all..

ahh.. somebody urged me to update, huh..? hihii..

oh well.. actually 2 days ahead (thursday n friday) i had to go for a course in Putrajaya.. So, i guess, here i am, scribbling something.. (although i dunno what to write here.. hihii)

erm.. a few days ago i went to Ratu Hati .. and guess what...?
ehem.. can u see it..? TOP 10 RATED PICTURES! hihihih.. (er.. athough Alia was on the 2nd place, hihi.. maybe she wasn't cute enough.. in fact,i think if Damia, Awisy, Ryan, Hafiy.. ~just to name a few~ also post their pic, i think Alia won't even listed there! hihihi.. kalah la Alia)
erm.. oh ya, if u would like to put ur child's photo there, just sign up, and post it at Album>hantar gambar, ya!
See u soon!
and have a great weekend! :)

on Weekend

Assalamualaikum all.

Erm.. i know it has been quite some time since my last entry.. i dunno why, for some reasons, i feel so lazy to update.. hahah..

oh well, last weekend on Saturday we all (except Alia's Ayah - he has to work..) went to the Pak Sheikh's Daughter wedding.. Pak Sheikh is my dad's friend.. and i used to home tuition his other daughter..(not the one who was getting married!)..

on Sunday, another wedding! this time it was Pak Tam's
[~to Kek : ingat lagi tak kat Pak Tam.. dia used to live in Pangkor.. and our wedding dia datang pakai baju melayu lengkap (well, at least that's how bapak described him..)]

His house was in Taman Ehsan.. There were A LOT of people at his house.. i guess that's coz this is his last wedding reception he's ever gonna held ~stated at kad jemputan "perkahwinan anak bongsu kami"~

5Alia looked tired..

Alia's dad again, missing in action - he had to do some errands.. i guess he is a kinda guy that doesn't like to go to occasions.. hmm..

oh ya, Bapak gets to meet, and borak with his sister (Lang Lah) and my cousin (Abang Tan)

here's what we did during the "free time".. (biasalah, orang tua-tua borak, kita yg budak2 ni buat keje lain.. :)

5 This is one happy gal, she just got her driving license! (after several attempts! hihi.. jgn marah, ika..)

5"Whose mouth is bigger..? " game

5Although she lost to Acu, she was happy 'bout it.. hihihi

Alia's First Hairband

Assalamualaikum all..

**Is it 'hairband' or 'headband'...? (please forgive me if i'm wrong..)

To tell u the truth, my hubby (Alia's Ayah) has been bugging me and asked me to buy a hairband. So, when my friend, Hanny offered me this, i quickly say YES! (er.. i bought this at a very low price..!)

So, feast ur eyes with....
Alia's First (and only) HAIRBAND!!! hahahha...
I gues she's wondering : 'why does my Ibu keep taking pics of me wearing this...? '
(by the way, this is her 'boring' look)6

So, how does she feels about it..?

I think that's a 'YES! Ibu, u can buy me more of this thing!'

**kinda cute, don't u think..? hahah (masuk bakul angkat sendiri..)

Alia's so called FIRST PHASE!

Assalamualaikum all..

Ah.. this time around I would like to share these with you all:

~~ Alia's "FIRST PHASE" of learning to crawl~~
~~actually, if u see this, u may say that it is not a crawl.. more like 'mengesot'.. erm.. that's why i called it the "1st Phase".. hahah..~~
~~~~~~~~~~~Alia's Fav pastime~~~~~~~~~~~

~~This is what she loves to do.. if u see this vid, there are 3 acts:

:::::: bubbling ~ that's what they call it at A.Fantasia (but i call it "menyemburkan air liur") haha
:::::: tryin' to reach both feet with both hands.. (i guess she's tryin' to take the booties off)
:::::: smacks on the stomach (yes, i think she's just wanna tell u that she's happy.. or something like that..)


Alia turns 6 months old!

Assalamualaikum all..

Guess what? yesterday (2nd June 08), Alia turns 6 months old! wah.. how time flew so quickly..

ok, let's see what can she do at this moment:

~ erm.. the most wonderful thing is that she is now learning how to crawl.. she can angkat the bontot, her fists can moves to the front, and she can lift up her body, and.. crawl.. (well, this happens if her mood is OK...)

~she can hold things! toys esp. and, she'll put in her mouth.. (oh ya, the playgym that we bought, we can FINALLY use it! she is now able to PLAY with it.. Alhamdulillah.. I thought it was a waste of money..)

~ We are currently giving her Farley's Rusk (1 and a half piece everyday) and i guess she takes it pretty well.. (compared to the rice cereal.. I think the cereal's taste isn't as good as the rusk..)

~ She likes to jerit-jerit a lot! (but there are times when she's in that mood)

~ She can giggles! yes.. when we do the agah, or 'Chak!' she will smile and sometimes giggles..

~ She loves it when i bathe her (long-long time ago - during my confinement period, she used to cry when we bathe her.. dunno why..) Lucky it has now gone!

~ She likes to 'baring-baring' on my lap and watch Malay Drama (the one at TV3 every evening..)

~ She loves to smile.. :)

I guess that's all... haha.. can't wait to see her run!

Teluk Rubiah

Assalamualaikum all....

How was ur weekend..? Last weekend, (on friday, actually) we headed to Teluk Rubiah Golf & Country Resort, Perak for my dad's office Family Day.. (haha.. my office didn't organise any Family Day, so, we have to 'tumpang orang lain punya Family day')

But before we checked in, my hubby, Alia and I went to visit my in-laws at Bruas..

6Here are some of Alia's cousins n nephews : But we didn't stay there long.. around 6.00 pm, we went to the resort..

So, let's see who were there at the resort : Atuk, Wan, Uda, Acu, Me and of course ALia!

~(Alia's dad couldn't join us coz he joins his family for an engagement)
~(kek Na and her family also couldn't join us coz she has to attend a cousin's wedding in Johore)

We managed to get a 'Duplex room' on the 2nd day. Alhamdulillah.. more spacious!

Erm.. here are some of the activities we did there.. (although there are A LOT of happenings, but i have to stay indoor to take care of lil' Alia due to the heat, and also sometimes she dozed off so easily..)

~Karaoke Nite n Barbecue

6 Erm.. please ignore the over-excited happy face of Alia's Ibu
6 Wan was singing on that nite.. 6Ermm.. These 2 models (Acu n Uda) also sung a number (sorry, pic was quite blur coz i took it from my seat, and Alia was on my lap.. quite lazy to stand and go further to snap this)
~in da room / chalet

(Generally, Alia's activities mainly were:

~~sleeping (yes, we did bring all the tilam, bantal etc)


~~playing It was a great outing.. and i guess, what we will miss most are:

6Wan was so compassionate that he intended to buy them bananas! (each one of 'em!)


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