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Alia is Sick! (again..!)


erm.. tajuk tu agak exaggerate sikit.. actually gini, ubat SingulAir yg Alia duk makan ari-ari tu dah abih.. and actually by consuming that ubat, she has some sort of barrier against cold and cough. so, when the medicine was finished, i thought she sudah sembuh sepenuhnya.. so i didn't bother to go out and buy some more..

HOWEVER, just 1 day after that, after she came home from nursery, i can hear coughing.. but it was already late to go out and look after the SingulAir..

So, we decided to buy it the next day. And after several visits (5 visits, to be exact) to local pharmacy, we managed to buy the medicine.. and it was SOOOOO expensive! imagine, one sachet (4 grams) costs about RM8! and if we were to buy a whole box (about 28 sachets), it will cost around RM100+.. heheh.. so mahal la ubat Alia..

That very night we gave Alia her SingulAir..

The day after it, after we fetched Alia from the nursery, we can hear her coughing ~ and it was so bad! (much worse than before..) and we can hear some mucous when she breathed..

That night, Alia cought some fever.. I gave her some Paracetamol.. She played.. and then went to sleep..

:::::[ Happy lil baby..]:::::

:::::[If i can reach some more..]:::::

In the middle of the night, she woke up. Asked for some milk.. I held her head, and she was so hot! I started to panic! My beloved hubby gave Alia some Paracetamol. And she went to sleep again..

In the morning, when we were set to go to office, we decided to bring Alia to see Paeds. After punched out cards, we headed to Kampung BAru Medical Centre.. (My hubby said An Nur was so far far away..)

The doc gave ALia some medicines.. antibiotic, medicines for her fever, cold, cough, and a gas inhaler too! (*sigh*.. inhaler lagi!)

Alhamdulillah, she responded very well to those medicines.. (although we have to STRUGGLE to give em to her..)

* This morning, when i was sending Alia to her nursery, when i put her down, i can hear the baby beside her coughing! (in my thought : Ceh! this is the culprit!!!!) erm.. gitu lah..


danial said...

alamak kesiannya alia...

well, ubat singulair tu memang tak berapa commonly used. i believe in hospital kerajaan, langsung tak ada.
jadi , susah nak komen sama ada memang really needed atau macam mana.

wishing alia a speedy recovery. ada try bagi dia makan multivitamin or minyak ikan cod ke (macam kita kecil kecil dulu), untuk boost immune system?

danial suka scott's emulsion perisa oren ( macam mak ngah kecik kecik jugak la) , tapi hari tu kekna beli appeton multivitamin with lysine, sebab nak bagi dia makan banyak sket. tapi dia tak suka. dia kata "tak tedap".

**for your info, budak kecik dapat upper respiratory tract infection lebih senang dari adult, so kadang-kadang 8-9 kali setahun pun, kira common.**

mama ryan said...

get well soon alia...

(xleh nak comment panjang... otak i pun dok bserabut nie...)

mrs noba said...

get well soon alia...

Mimi said...

ermm zuhaini, ubat singulair tu mmg works for alia eh? dr yg soh continue ke?

i dh stop kan awisy since baca abt side effects to some of its users.. cuba baca kat blog mrs zyi n babybooned..

as for awisy, dia selalu terjaga n nangis (usually dia bangun xla nangis cenggitu) n i think might be related to this med sbb started since i gave it to him..

i guess the effect varies frm one to the others but no harm in checking.. btw i xpenah confirmkan ngan dr siti or mahani since dorg yg prescribed sbb masa i stopped kan awisy dulu happen to be he's getting better.. next checkup i tanya k!

~ziey~ said...

Hai! Nice Layout ya! :-)...i can understand how sensitive our baby when come to a common sickness like tis.....i used to face it...we do hav to give extra care whn the bay is under 3 yrs old, crutial time when under 1 year....yeah..u can try to giv some multivatin/ vit.c with a very min. dosage...not so frequent...once a week is good enough....just to develop her immune system incase she got frequent illness....take care ya!

Zuhaini said...

erm.. tak apa, nak buat cam ne.. dah kena..
ok, tu lah, nanti ani carik scott emulsion tuh..

Mama ryan:
hihi.. mekasih.. susah2 je.. :)

Mrs Noba:
Tq! hihi.. :)

erm.. ye, ubat tu dr suh continue.. tapi kite ingat kalau da baik, leh stop.. hehe.. so far x nampk side efek apa la, tapi tu la, jadi mcm x dak imune lak.. x mkn, kena! hmm... :(

ok, tq! :)


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