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on NSC Facilitators

Anybody out there who are:
- unemployed
- graduates
-looking for working experience
Click here! (at the Announcement section)
National Science Centre is hiring fresh grads to be their Facilitators.
It will be a contract basis. 6 months contract.
RM 35 per day.
Hurry! Interview is on 5th and 6th August 08.

on Nuffnang Gift Ideas!

Assalamualaikum all..

I stumbled upon
Malaysian Super Mummy blog just now, and i just happenned to notice that there's a contest going on! I love participating in contests! (although i never win! hihi). So, I thought, why not give it a try? :)

It was
Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest. It was so simple! even YOU can join too! (Hurry! before 5th August!)

Dearest Nuffnang;
I have selected this:

a Sony PlayStation 2 - SCPH-77006CB (cool, huh..?)

For the luckiest Nuffnanger.... and that is...

My HUBBY!!! (hehe.. who else would i rather give PS2, eh..?)

Reasons why I think my hubby deserve (or i will have to buy him with my RM1 500 if i win this!) this Sony Playstation 2 are...:
1. He is an IT 'people', so, by giving PS2, its like giving him the air to breath! Really, I am sure he'll adore this gift!

2. He has been glued to the computer for the whole day! I just thought it would be nice to let him play a game or two at home, during the night. It will help him to release some stress at work (let's just face it, we DO sometimes have to deal with stress at work.. right?)

3. If he gets to play PS2, he will be at the Living Room, so I get to let him play and at the same time, takes care of my sweet little baby Alia who just needs someone to be with her. Sometimes I can just let her play alone, just as long as she sees there's someone near her. This makes me difficult to do house chores as I have to wait until she sleeps!

4. My hubby comes from a not-so-rich family and i doubt that during his childhood he was able to play games as such! So, i hope this PS2 will redeem his not-so-fun childhood. (I am truly indeed a nice wife, huh..? hihi)

And last, but not least, with this PS2, i hope he wouldn't ask me for any presents for a few years to come!

on Busted!


on being caged!

Assalamualaikum all.
hihi.. nice title, huh..? actually yesterday was my off-day. i worked last Saturday, so i had been given one off day. So yesterday, i was at home, with Alia! (and Atuk too! coz she has just came home from Redang Island..)

So, in order for me to do all the house chores, (esp washing all the clothes..) i had to put alia in her baby cot! (da lama x pakai cot ni.. terpaksa assemble balik..)

look at her happy face... :)

ya la tu.. after a while, she started to berpaut at the bars (railings).. and guess what..? She was standing up!

hihi.. but later on i let her to just crawl inside it.. after a while, she tried to stand up again.. this time, when she was holding at the railings, she let go of her hands! aiyo! so abih la, terhantuk anak ibu sorang nih.. da nanges!!!

so i just put her in her walker. abes citer! :)

on LAMANed

Assalamualaikum all...

can i say like that..? (LAMANed..?) hihih.. soka ati aku jer.. :)

anyway, i went there this morning.. ok la, as i had expected.. banyak gubahan bunga.. banyak org jual pokok (surprisingly, most of them jual pokok orkid! why eh..? it is the trend..? i simply find myself lost somewhere...), but ada juga yang jual pokok selain orkid.. macam pokok bonsai.. pokok herba..

ada jugak company yang buat landscape feature.. macam pergola, fountain dll..

erm.. tapi mmg penat la, berjalan.. pasal lake garden tu kan sangat la besar, and the booth (or is it camp..?) jauh-jauh lak tu.. :(

so, feast your eyes with these... (ala, 2 pic je pun.. hihi)

creeper ini 6 mmg sejenis pokok yg menjalar.. dan ada pokok tomato!

ok, enough about work. nak cite pasal si comel ini pulak! :)

ya, dia mmg suka merangkak skrg ni.. dan suka.. penyek kotak tisu! :(

hihihi... :) have a nice weekend!

*i'm working tomorrow.. :(

on VOTE for Alia!!!

Assalamualaikum all..
ni saja-saja je try luck! da nak expired pun contest ni..
nak mintak jasa baik tun-tuan dan puan-puan untuk VOTE for Alia buleh..?
Just pergi ke website Mix FM Baby Idol, dan just klik pada scale di botol susu tu..
boleh ya!
**today saya tgk alia masih di Page 1, kalau dia tiada di page tu, boleh ke Page 2 ya! :)
tengkiu so much!

on LAMAN 08


i just would like to 'war-war' kan tu you guys who stays here, in KL.

As you can see, this 'Laman 2008' will end this Sunday, so, better be hurry!

*psst.. i'm going there tomorrow, insyaAllah.

and oh ya, the entrance fees are:

Adult: RM3

Child (7-12 yrs old) : RM1

Here's what you are expected to see:

See u there!

(actually this exhibition is for those who loves gardening, landscaping and who loves 'gubahan bunga')

on Alia's hobby!

Assalamualaikum all.... seperti yang kite sedia maklum, ini ialah hobi terbaru cik ALIA... menggigit! apa sahaja yg dia jumpa dia akan masukkan ke dalam mulut.. :(
5 uiks... TRIX pun nak ke..? (ini adalah Trix ibu Alia.. hihi)
5model Johnsons&Johnsons.. hihi
5 Argh... bosan la main ngan ibu ni... :(

on Look!

Look what i've done! :)

on Alia's previous skin problem

Assalamualaikum all..
actually, i have no idea what to write for today.. hahhah..
but this morning, when i was packing Alia's bag (to be sent to her nursery), i put her Stieprox shampoo together with the rest of things..
the shampoo is for what..?
let me tell u a story.... hihii

During the earlier days after Alia was born, she was facing some.. let's say, skin problem. her armpit was reddish, all her 'pelipat' was reddish, her kulit kepala got some reddish spots, between her eyebrows and also her ear area got some 'keruping'.

we tried each and every way we can.. like for the keruping, we put johnson's baby oil. for the reddish spots, we put lotion (that time i got a free Anakku lotion - so i just used this one). However, nothing seems to work out! :(

Last resort - we went to Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. ha.. that was the first time we sought a private hospital. we met Dr Syed (if u r an avid reader of Harian Metro, u might know him.. he used to write articles for the column "pakar Kanak-kanak'). He saw Alia's spots and he told us it was seborrhoeic dermatitis.
He can tell by the keruping between her eyebrows and the red marks on her body.
he prescribed these medicine:
-for her red marks on body (armpits and all her pelipat)
-for her red marks on her head
-for her keruping between eyebrows

well, it worked magnificently! feels as though it was worth paying when we see the result we wanted! :)
oh ya, for those whose babies are facing the same problem, just give it a try!
*all of those products above can be found in local pharmacy* :)

on alia at 7 month n a half

Assalamualaikum all...
hehe.. da lama x citer pasal alia kan..?
Alia da 7 bulan setengah! :)
erm.. budak kecik ni da banyak 'bersuara' lately.. uhh.. ahh.. tapi beliau masih belum menuturkan sebarang 'mama' atau 'ibu' yet! hmm (nampaknya ibu Alia kena bekerja keras ni..)
oh ya. dia da pandai merangkak! (err.. bukan pandai sangat pun.. bole la.. aritu 'menjulur' atau setengah orang kata soldier crawl.. ) skrg dia da pandai angkat bontot dan bergerak ke hadapan.. :)

ha.. gitu le rupanya kalau Alia merangkak.. :)

Dia masih lagi suka masukkan apa sahaja ke dalam mulut.. :(

Tidur dalam kereta.. selepas kami gi jejalan IKEA (hajat dihati nak beli lampu untuk dining area.. tapi nengok punya nengok, mahal la.. dengan rang ramai bangat sabtu lepas.. pening kepala ibu Alia.. terus kami balik! )

Petang Sabtu aritu kami gi UKM, si ACU ni nak beli barang.. gi la kompleks PKNS Bangi.. Seronok sangat gi sana.. macam gi pasaraya di kampung! orang x ramai.. kite nak shopping pun tenang.. tengok gambo ni.. x dak sapa pun kat background kan..? :)

on List Of Moving In

Assalamualaikum all... i just got a call from the guy who does our kitchen n grill, that he has finished! so i'm gonna have to move in soon! :(
[quite sad tho, coz i'd have to be separated from my mom and dad.. huhu..]

Here is my list of things to do when u want to move in:

1. Do the grill first! *psst.. this is not my grill. my grill is here ..

2. Painting - Whether you do the work yourself or hire someone to do it, it's a lot easier to paint an empty room.

3. Closet Systems - Having things organized, fitting into your new home, will really make you feel great.

4. Get your address changed. You may want to contact your creditors (credit card company) as well as any magazines that you subscribe to directly so that they’re aware of the move and you don’t miss an issue or a bill.

5. Get your emergency kit in the house first thing During the moving process, there are many, many opportunities for minor first aid issues. Make sure you have your first aid kit in a known place. Also, get the emergency numbers for the area and put them in a known place.

6. Know where the main circuit breaker is

7. Know where the water shut-offs are. This includes the main water shut-off as well as shutting off outside water.

8. Install / check the smoke detectors (err.. yang ini di malaysia rasanya x da kot.. mcm mahal jer..)

9. Get your locks changed This isn’t a strict requirement, but it’s a good idea to get the locks changed in the house shortly after moving. Yang ini nak buat, tapi erm.. bajet tak dak.. :)

10. Update your driver’s license and MyKad

11. Send out your new contact information

12. Kitchen cabinet

13. And equipt your house with : lamps, fans, airconds, dining table, sofa, tv cabinet, tv, fridge, washing mashine, dryer (bestnyer kalau ada dryer), curtain, curtain hooks, vacuum, carpets, bed set, erm.. what else..?

cantek kan lamp ni...?6

kalau saya ada tertinggal, pls let me know, ya! tq.. :)

on Headache..

Assalamualaikum.. i dunno why.. lately i always have a headache.. like yesterday.. and the day before.. menjelang petang je, siap la, dia datang.. :(

i guess it's due to my spec.. i have been wearing it since.. since.. (wait ah, i am tryin to remember..) ha, since my first year at KUSTEM! so, can u imagine how old it is..? (kira-kira ada la dalam 3 taun gitu..) so, there is a possibility that my power has increased (or decreased!).. who knows? hihi..

alamak, another couple of hundreds is going down the drain! :(

on Gift!

Assalamualaikum all...
i have TONNES of work to do.. so this will just be the tip of the iceberg.. (bole ka ayat gitu..? hihi hentam saja la)
Tada! tq Hanny.... actually ada banyak lagi.. tapi saya just letak ini ye..
*i've always heard of this Egyptian Potion.. tak sangka dapat pulak! tengkiu so much! (rupanya perfume ini sangatla wangi and non alchohol.. so bole la bawa solat!)

And.. i received this :

from Baby Sofia and Cendawan Intim.. oh.. susah-susah jer...

and i'm gonna pass this to ALL OF MY FRIENDS.. walaupun syarat dia:

"This award is to be given to blogs that have at least 3 posts per week"

(pedulik la.. kan..? hihi) so, kepada semua kawan-kawan dan sanak saudara saya yang listed di MY BLOG LIST itu.. silakan ambil award anda ya! hihih..

on our last weekend outing..

Assalamualaikum all...

uish.. it has been a LOOONG weekend..
last thursday after work, we went to Kek Na's house.. we arrived quite early, around 9.00 pm or so.. (early la tu.. slalunya kami sampai dalam kul 11.00 pm lebih..)
Danial sedang main apa ntah ngan Alia..

Next day, we went to Opah's house (my mIL) at Bruas.. Alia's acitvity was none other than : crawling!

We spent the nite there..
Next day, we went to Pangkor. ha.. This is my hometown.. that evening, kami so bosan.. so kami ajak Wan gi jejalan.. hihi.. we went to Teluk Nipah. There at PAngkor got A LOT of interesting beaches.. Telok gedong.. pasir bogak.. teluk nipah..

Pretty ladies in pink!

Danial duk main pasir.. dia takut kat air pantai tu..

Tada.. suda sampai umah dah.. Alia with her latest new toys! yang ini murah je.. dalam RM50.00, consist of 6.. bole la Alia geget benda alah tu..

**updated!!!! ~ kami da tau dah, kenapa Alia demam tempoh hari.. the reasons are:

~dia da nak pandai melompat-lompat.. kalau kite pegang dia gini 6, dia akan cuba untuk melompat... adoi.. letihnyer.. :(
~dia da nak tumbuh gigi! saya tgk mlm tadi da ada stint putih sket kat gusi dia.. ;) nanti kalau da ada, saya snap ya!


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