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Assalamualaikum all..
In my last entry i told u guys that Alia was still dealing her illness rite..?
Well, i thought she'd be well after taking all those medicine. But she didn't.
last Saturday, i can hear she coughing so hard and her breathes was s noisy.. sounds like srot.. srot.. erm.. so that morning, we went to AnNur.. (jauh pun jauh lah. asalkan Alia sehat!)
It was so crowded! (oh well, Saturday.. *sigh*..)
We went to see Dr Mahani.. And she remembered Alia! erm.. she said "memang dgr wheezing kali ni kuat la, Ma.." (Ma tu refer to me ~as mama..)

So we were sent to Neb room.. so with all the crying, all the jerit, abih merah padam muka Alia..
Then we went in to see Dr again.. "Siapa la yg nanges kuat sangat sampai ke depan tadi tu..?" heheh.. dr asked..
Hmm.. Dr insisted on warded her (but she understands that our home was so far far away..) so she wrote a refferal letter and asked us to undergo a few neb treatments at nearby paeds clinics (Saturday evening, Sunday morning and evening). And she asked us to go for a checkup on Monday (at a nearby clinic..)
I said ok.
That saturday evening (or rather nite, actually ~it was after magrib prayer) we went out looking for a paeds clinic.. Went to Maluri Hospital (at Wangsa Maju but they have no neb!). Then went to Damai Service Hospital (they got neb, but the medicine 'Combivent' they ain't have it there..) But we went to that treatment anyway..
Sunday morning.. i could wait no more.. my hubby, Alia and I went to Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. I hope this so called 'established' hospital can cure lil Alia..

So, Sunday morning ~ warded.
i asked for a 1-person room. it costs RM205/= Erm.. quite expensive though, as our insurance will only cover 100/=.. Never mind! lets go for it!
But the price says it all.. the room was nice! sangat cantek deco dia.. color scheme.. the room was even equipt with a fridge! no wonder so mahal.. but sadly it wasn't so islamic, (compare to AnNur Hospital)..
Like Annur, when we go inside the room, we have to leave our shoes outside.. so it is very assuring for us to pray inside (the room). But here, people can just burst in with their shoes! (so i had to find a secluded place so that i can pray at a clean floor..)
But Ampang Puteri was quite good as they provided a babycot! Good! although Alia wouldn't stay there long, at least when i went to toilet for a short break or pray, i know she'll be safe!
Fist 2 days there, Alia was given IV drip ~ i told the Dr that Alia menyusu agak sedikit, so they put the drip.. (menyesal pulak bagitau gitu..), Poor lil ALia coz the wayar drip makes it hard for her to merangkak all over the bed, and hard for me to dukong her also..

While Alia was staying at the 5 star hotel too, (hehe.. panggil hotel la, sedap sikit..) she went for Physiotherapy treatments (2 times a day!) The physio said Alia has the raut like orang Arab.. heheh.. ye ke..?
To cut things short, we were able to check out (hehe..) yesterday evening..! yahoooooo!!!!

But i was so frustrated.. why..? coz ALia still batuk-batuk.. and sometimes still can hear her sesema.. :(

And today, i have to work.. so i sent her to the nursery.. will she be well again...?
~~i am so sedih rite now.. bila lah Alia nak sembuh.. isk..isk..
tough times don't last.. tough people do!
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