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on Saya Da Kata Dah..


Saya dah kata dah...

yg nurseri Alisha tu banyak nyamuk..

tp semua org tak caya! sabar je lah...

Kan dah kena dah!!

**by the way.. Thursday n Friday I'll be on leave, to fully furnished our house.. so that everything is ready by Ramadhan, insya Allah..

**so tomorrow baru nak gi jumpa Makcik Belakang Rumah and ask her about the babysitting thing.. :)

on Atuk n Wan Misses Alisha...


Semalam when it was time to go home, i got an sms

"Hari ni hang balik AU3 ke Sungai Buloh?" sender : Mommy

so i replied : "Tak balik AU3 kot.. balik Sg Buloh"

And then i got another sms

"Hang ada cadang nak singgah AU3 ka ptg ni..?" sender : Daddy

(actually before i got the msg from my dad, my hubby asked us to go to AU3 to pick up some things.. like TV.. his computer..)

so i replied : "Insya Allah.. Zul ada nak ambil TV"

When i arrived AU3 (mom's home) ~ my mom and dad still on their way home..

My dad called. He said : "kalau tak keberatan, tunggu la kejap.. Kami nak jumpa Alisha, boleh..?"

Alahai siannye... Atuk n Wan really misses Alisha.. Mana tak nya, right after i graduated, i stayed with mom and dad. And after i get married, we stayed there. I was pregnant there. Pantang and the whole 8 months of ALisha's life, we stayed there too!

so, we stayed for a while. Sempat la Atuk n Wan melepaskan rindu mereka pada cucu kedua yg terchenta tu.. hihi..

After my hubby loaded our car with his tv and computer set, we went home.

Refreshed ourselves. and went out again. for dinner. (remember, we still have yet to buy the tong gas.. hihi)

After dinner, we stopped at Central Mart. Actually, banyak sangat yg perlu dibeli.. beras.. kicap..gula..garam.. and the list goes on and on..

Sampai je di parking lot (open area pun..) ada la dalam 3 atau 4 buah kereta. At that time it was already 10.00 pm.

I asked my husband : "agaknya da nak tutup kot..?"

hihi.. we asked the jaga / pak guard : "Pakcik.. tutup pukul berapa eh..?"

Rupanya tutup pukul 10.30 mlm.

Apa lagi! Imagine what a half-an-hour-shopping would be like PLUS it was the FIRST time i went there! hihi..

Terbeliak mata cari barang!!! so, in the end.. here are things that we managed to 'capture'!!!

But among all, i am in love with this:

(so cute!)

**ini kegemaran terbaru Alisha :

(meja tv tak beli lagi.. so kami letak tv atas coffee table.. haha.. hentam sajalah..)

Biasanya bila si Alisha start buat aksi ni, kami tutup tv tu. so that x da la masuk paper kang, baby kena electric shot ke.. apa ke.. hihi..



hihi... comel je tajuk gitu...

Alhamdulillah, Alisha nak minum susu dah! yeay!!! (itupun kalau dia da penat main... baru nak minum.. kalau saja-saja.. tak nak gak..) tp tak pe lah, asalkan minum, kan..?

Ibu Alisha masih mempertimbangkan beberapa susu formula selain susu ALisha sekarang ini (Dumex Dupro).. tp biasanya kami alternate antara Dumex dan Dutch Lady.. hihi... mungkin sebab kedua-duanya tergolong dalam 'susu murah' kot.. hihi.. :)

oh ya, apa yg FIRST NIGHT nya..? hihi.. lupa pulak..

Yesterday was our first night at our house! :)
Semalam (siang) kami bawak all the baju, dan barang2 yg perlu (naik kereta Wira je..), anto ke umah kami.. On the way, sempat singgah sebentar untuk beli peti ais dan mesin basuh baju..
6 Muka sedih Alisha nak tinggalkan Atuk, Wan dan Uda..

6Nyap.. Nyap... Sedapnya... :)

Alhamdulillah.. kiranya dah boleh 'hidup' la, kalau duduk.. (cuma ada beberapa item yg tak diambil lagi dari umah Mak & Bapak saya.. mcm TV, DVD player.. nanti la.. esok lusa kot..)

Barang yg kecik-kecik x beli lagi.. macam sabun pencuci pinggan, tong gas, beras.. nanti la, balik kerja nanti kami singgah supermarket ke..

ALhamdulillah, malam tadi tido.. Sejuk bangat! rasa mcm duduk kat kampung Bruas! :)

And pagi td time gi keje, tak la jem teruk sangat.. cuma kereta banyak je.. :)
6Tugasan Alisha : Check tetamu! :)

6Hah.. Nak main apa lagi ni bu...?

ok tu je la kot.. wassalam.. :)

on Not so Milky....


Aduh... Alia is not drinking any milk! Why oh why....?

I checked her mouth but nothings there.. no ulcer.. no sore throat (err.. can baby develop sore throat..?) but then again.. it was only MY inspections.. i may have missed a spot or two..

But her rejection towards milk is really worrying me right now... few days before, she doesn't want milk, but still can accept plain water + Glucogen.

Now.. she doesn't want both!! (my hubby and i have to force-feed her!)

Is she bored with the taste of the milk...? Or is she full already, and doesn't need milk anymore to top up with it..? Or is it the milk is kinda tawar and we have to add in glucogen to it to make it taste sweeter...?

Aduh! my head starts to spin again....

Alia oh Alia... Minumla susu sayang....

On babysitter :

My family (mom, dad, hubby) think that 400 is quite expensive for a BABY. So, we are down to 2 choices :

-Makcik Belakang Rumah
-Nursery opposite Makcik Belakang Rumah

Among those 2, i prefer the 1st choice! :) let's doa that Makcik will be able to accept Alia ya! tq...

Points to ponder :

somebody told me that if we give expensive milk (such as Mamil Gold.. Isomil.. SNOW..) there are possibilities that our babies develop stronger imune system.. is it true, mothers out there..?

on GERAM!!!!!!

I'm so pissed off!

Yesterday, when i took Alisha from her nursery, i can see her nose become very watery... What Happened...? (as far as i can remember, we sent her this morning withOUT the flu)

I asked Amalina (Alisha's babysitter), she said Alisha was 'merengek time nak tido'... sampai berhingus anak aku...?!!!! ( i guess she was crying and they didn't do anything...)

And then inside the car.... jalan-jalan for a while... and then i heard her... "uhuk.. uhuk..".. AIK?? Since when did my baby got this cough..? That instant, my mood totally diminished.

I was so sad.. angry.. and i felt frustrated!!! Alisha has just recover from her skin infection.. and now Bronchitis (AGAIN)..????!!!!

Last nite, when i recall my past experience taking care of my baby who had been warded... TAK NAKKKKKK!!!!!!! I don't want this to repeat! (i kinda become phobia with the ward n taking care of Alisha IN THE WARD).. it was hectic, boring and it was simply something i wouldn't want to go through anymore!

So i guess today is Alisha's LAST DAY with her nursery.

Tomorrow i'd have to work... :(

Sunday, we'd go to Makcik Belakang Rumah's house and ask her, if she can take care of Alisha...

(Funny thing.. i THOUGHT my husband asked her already. Turned out that he asked HER CHILDREN who was playing bikes in front of our house the other day.. And the kids told him that their mom is a babysitter.. oh.. i misunderstood the whole thing!!! )

Please pray with me.. doakan that Makcik will accept Alisha ye.. :)

And doakan Alisha sembuh dari batuk dia tu... Adoi... nak pecah otak memikir... :(

**kalau la ada maid kan best! .....

**** UPDATE!!!!

Saya da dapat sorang babysitter.. area Saujana Utama 1. Jauh sikit dari umah kami (Saujana Utama 3).. Tapi arganya agak mahal la... RM400! huhu... tp yg bestnye:

-budak makcik ni jaga sorang je (dekat 2 tahun)

-Makcik ni tinggal ngan anak perempuannya je.. (suami duk ipoh).. so lega sikit la... sekarang ni kan dgr cite macam-macam... uih.. nauzubillah...

tp decision masih lagi di tangan suami terchenta ku... :)

on Alisha


Truth is i am so lazy to do office work today... why..? coz nobody's in the office today.. everybody is taking their leaves, to be with their families.. (school holidays, rite..?) uih.. betapa jelesnya aku!!!!

It's not that i don't have any more leave left.. But i am keeping it for the 'Just In Case'. Like last week, where i had to take a whole week off! huhu... sabar je la..

And now have to keep some days for the coming raya! :)

ok, back to the topic. (those above are just the mukadimmah.. hihi).

Alisha... oh Alisha.. (For friends out there, Alisha means "protected by Allah" i.e Di dalam lindungan Allah.. sedap kan maksudnya..? if only i knew it before...)

oh ya, this cute baby is becoming more THIN!!!!!! Please help me.. i donno what to do else.. everyday i pack her bag with rice porridge.. in the evening i give her cereal (Nestle cereal), at night i give her Farley Rusk (this one i let her hold the biscuit and nibbles it).. But her weight is decreasing.... Sedih sangat..

Last Tuesday we went to Tanglin for her 8 month check up, and her weight was 7.0 kg. Last 2 months, it was 6.7 kg. Can u just imagine, why so minimal...? :(

But when i looked back at the previous 2 months, there were a few times that she was down with fever.. cough.. and latest was the HFMD/Chicken Pox/Skin Disease thing. No wonder her weight was like that..

Oh ya... ini adalah Alisha's latest achievement! :)

:::::::::: sit ::::::::::

yeah.. some babies da lama da leh duduk sebelum reach 8 bulan pun.. hihi.. but my lil Alisha baru nak berjinak2 duduk.. itupun separuh badan baru.. hehe...

:::::::::: climb ::::::::::

This is yesterday's pic. she was saying hi to Wan who has just came home from work.. guest what, a few sec after that, she started to reach the grill in front of her and started to eat + feet - started to bertapak on the grill... aiyo.. suda mau panjat grill ka...? :)

:::::::::: pegang botol ::::::::::

ah.. this one pun my Alisha agak ketinggalan sikit.. coz i think ramai baby da lama leh pegang botol.. Alisha baru belaja... hihi.. all this while she just prefer to garuk-garuk her head, her ears (until it bleeds).. Ibu jugak yg kna pegangkan.. hihi.. :)

Oh well.. i guess that's all for now.. till i write again! tata...

on Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mak n Ika!!!! (20/08/08)

Semoga panjang umur n murah rezeki...

(jom celebrate mana-mana.. mak belanja la.. Birthday Lady.. hihi)

on Sore Throat..

Assalamualaikum all....

Aduh! I am having a sore throat... (no wonder since yesterday i keep having a mild fever..) Rasa mcm badan panas semacam je, terus telan sebijik Panadol (650 mg).. Yesterday, it was 4 tablets altogether... !

And now I am waiting for this one school from Penang, they requested PSN to conduct some lab experiments.. Small matter actually, since that it is what i do. Only that, i hope my voice will be OK after those 2 sessions... Ya Allah.. Please help me... :(

Alisha..? Well, she's doing fine, alhamdulillah.. My boss asked me to see her yesterday. I have no idea what would it be. Turn out that she was quite worried about Alisha's condition and asked me to find another options = babysitter or maid. Alhamdulillah, since that i am going to move soon, that won't be a problem (the lady behind our house has 'offered' herself to be Alisha's babysitter..)

Speaking of house, currently we are trying to complete the necessities. The big ones already bought, like sofa, dining table, bed set, and curtain (oh ya, i bought curtain from AKEMI, very nice, coz the curtain matches with the bed sheets. hihi.. and at reasonable price too!)

ok la, i've got to go.. but it will be kinda weird coz this entry doesn't has any picture... erm.. so i just put this pic, ok..? tata..

Oh ya, ada sapa-sapa nak baju T Shirt Muslimah..? hihi (very long........)

on Alisha and her activity in the car

Last weekend when we were on the way back from PD, we stopped at Nilai 3 for a while.. The intention was to buy some curtains for our house...
We (ayah Alisha, Ibu and Alisha herself) arrived there first. So, while waiting for Atuk, Wan and Uda to arrive, Alisha entertained herself.

**psst.. I think u'd better slow down the volume, coz the background music a bit 'jiwang'. hehe..

**towards the end, the one who did the "smooch" sound was Ayah Alisha...

** can u hear her said "mama"....? hehe....

on Alhamdulillah


That's all i can say...

Alia (or should i say, Alisha), is recuperating... and her skin punya spots pun da mula nak disappear.. Her right ear (yg ada bad smell tu) pun da tak berbau dah.. (agaknya ubat tu dah bertindak kot..)

**Kek Na, sampai bila nak titik ubat ke dalam telinga Alisha ni..?
ok, so here are a few snaps of our last vacation in PD.. hihi :)

Makan.. jgn x makan!

Yg ini dengan Mak Uda

Malamnya, time dinner, coffee house ni ada sediakan high chair (saya panggil 'kerusi baby' je.. hihi).. ha.. so, semua org makan, Alisha tengok org makan.. :)

Seronok dia duk kat balkoni.. angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. :)

on Alia n awards...


erm... kite cite good news dulu la ye...

Alia punya dots da semakin kecik.... Alhamdulillah.. :)

Ibu alia dapat awards.... da lama terperap.. ni baru nak publish... hihi..

1) AWARD dari cik Ted.. Mama Ryan.. Baby Sofia dan sapa lagi ye.. (aiyo. mama alia suda lupa aa...)
Brilliant ker...? hihi.. time kasih banyak-banyak....

2) AWARD dari cik cendawanintim dan baby sofia.. (kalau tertinggal, mahap ye..)

Kreatif ke..? hihihi.... tu pun mcm lawak je rasa....

hihiihi... ok, oleh kerana saya terima baaanyaaak award, so saya nak la pulak 'membalas'.. hhihihh.. macam time nak berbuka posa lak... berbalas-balas kuih berbuka..


yg ini saya curik tau.. kalau saya reka sendiri, saya akan letak gambar si comel ALia.. hihii....

*saya dengan ini menganugerahkan award ini kepada semua rakan bloger saya di senarai My Blog List.. (sekiranya anda tiada dalam list.. sila beritahu ya! )**


You are awarded the LOVABLE BLOG AWARD!! What you have to do is... :

~ Put the logo on your blog.
~ Add a link to the person who awarded you (that would be me !!!)
~ Nominate at least 10 other blogs
~ Add links to those blogs on yours.
~ Leave a message for your nominees on their chat box


So, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan....

sila la ambil award ini ya... jgn segan dan jangan malu.. hihi..

ok.. now to berita sedih / bad news...

Alia semalam kami perasan ada mengeluarkan sedikit bau yg kurang menyenangkan... saya check.. dalam telinga dia ada macam sedikit cecair.. saya pun lap menggunakan cotton buds...

Seperti yg dirancang, hari ini kami di PD! Petang td kami gi klinik di PD ni (carik klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak, macam tak da je..).. tujuan gi klinik adalah sebab my sister beritahu, bau busuk itu mungkin disebabkan infection. Kena cepat rujuk Dr, kerana kalau lewat, nanti dikhuatiri akan menyebabkan demam dll...

Dr tu da tgk.. and dia kata dalam telinga Alia ada nanah (aiyo.. mcm mana leh ada..?) so dia bagi ubat untuk di titikkan ke dalam telinga, altogether ngan antibiotik, ubat tahan sakit and ubat gatal..

Oh ya, Dr ni sepatutnya Dr kulit (sebab tgk kat qualification dia ada 'Derm'), so kami tanya la, Chicken Pox ke, Penyakit HFMD..? tau tak dia kata apa...?

~HFMD bukan, sebab kat tapak tgn n tapak kaki x banyak.. so slash itu..

~Chicken Pox pun bukan, pasal kat badan (abdomen) clean and clear... and dia ni tak pecah n keluarkan cecair... so slash jugak... abih tu, apa...?

>>Dia kata PENYAKIT KULIT... aiyakk.. mana dtg lak ni..? Dr kata berjangkt dari budak di nurseri... huhu... sedih rasanya.. (tp alhamdulillah, da makin sembuh da!)

[kelakar kan.. lain doktor, lain diagnosis]

oh ya, paling menarik :

untuk 4 ubat and consultation : harga dikenakan : RM 20.00 !!! sangat murah!!!

kalau la leh cabut klinik ni, letak kat Au3 tu. ha.. senang! hihi...

ok, tu je nak cite.. lepas satu.. satu penyakit... :(

Kami tgh nak tukar nama pangilan ni... ada 2 choices.. sila vote ya! (saya atas pagar. hihi)

1. Yaya

2. Alisha (yeah. quite panjang this name...)


on Alia's condition

Sebebnarnya semalam da masuk DAY 3...
Ini la rupa ALia semalam....
Dot-dot demam campak nya da mula nak 'kering', tp 2 spot yg agak extreme masih tak mahu surrender... satu kat atas batang hidung ALia (yg ada dot putih tu ~ tu ubat tu.. hihi) dan satu lagi spot ialah kat tangan kirinya.. (kalau perasan, saya sarungkan tangan tu.. senang..)

Hari ini pulak (DAY 4), Alhamdulillah... nampak macam makin surut... few spots tu dah nampak tanda-tanda nak terkopek / mengelupas.. :) [tp 2 spot tu masih gitu juga.. :( ]

Ini adalah aktiviti kami pada hari ini:

Sian mandur, kena buat kerja!!!!! :)

(oh ya, kotak-kotak ini adalah hadiah kawen saya!... hendak dihantar ke rumah baru kami di Sg Buloh...)
Ayah dah balik dari Solat Jumaat... lepak sat...
Da sampai !! ALia tgk apa tue..? (Alia tak suka kat lampu pilihan kami kot.. hihi)
Aktiviti panjat ibu !!!!!
Tido dalam kereta (salah satu favourite Alia..)
Tido di umah.. (gmbar ni diambil beberapa minit lalu.. hihi..)

** weekend ini kami nak gi PD !!! :)

** segala tag dan award kami buat sekembali dari sana ya! Adios!


on 2nd Day

Assalamualaikum.... uih... banyaknye nak story.. tp tatau cukup time ka tak... [Alia tgh tido lg atas katil... saya ada atas lantai.. Just in case Alia da bgn, then i'll know.. :) ]

:::::::::: on THe CaLL::::::::::

Yesterday, since i published Alia's story.. it got many attentions. Thank you very much! And I received a call.. from a dear blogger friend (sorry, i didn't catch ur name, as i was kinda sleepy at that time... sorry sangat.. ).

My friend told me that it is not HFMD.. (actually last post i put it FHM.. rupanya tersalah susunan.. D tu pun ada rupanya.. hihi.. sorry for wrong info.. hehe..)..

Why she said that..? Here are the reasons : for FHMD, the first symptom is ulcer in mouth. Then it will follow by rashes at the tapak tangan and at the tapak kaki,

and lastly, the rashes will spread to other areas..

She told me that if this disease infected babies (below 1 year old), it may cause death coz the patient doesn't drink or eat. (due to the culprit ~ ulcer..)

(alamak! Alia suda bangun!!!! kita biar dulu dia mamai mamai.. hehe)

In Alia's case, she doesn't have ulcer and her rashes spread to whole body, and not concentrating to tapak tangan and tapak kaki only.

So, she guess it must have been Demam Campak..

Demam Campak..? (Chicken Pox..?) erm.. sayang la.. I was just planning to get her to peads n get the chicken pox shot! tup tup.. da kena lak..

So, yesterday we gave ALia some coconut water and my sis in-law gave us some Bambu Leaves (and put on the bed, on top of it, put a layer of cloth) and that will be Alia's bedding.. ihihi..

:::::::::: on Alia's 2nd Day ::::::::::

This is her:

:::::::::: on Name ::::::::::

Alia kan asik sakit je.. so ada kawan saya cadangkan tukar nama pangilan...

Mak saya pun setuju....

mgkin la nama Alia tu tingi sangat kot... susah bawak.. ye ke..? (Alia Athirah ~ means Ketinggian dan Kemuliaan)

So, nak mintak suggestions, leh..? saya cadangkan yaya je.. heheh...

(Hish.. budak kecik ni nak kaco laptop lak...)

k la, got to go! wassalam... Doakan ALia cepat sembuh ya! TQ!!!!!!!!

on FHM (pls recover soon!)

Case number 1001

Name of Clinic :

Name of Doctor: House, MD (you can call me Dr. House)

Name of Patient : Nur Alia Athirah


Patient came with her parents this morning and Alhamdulillah, although there are quite a number of patients, Alia happened to be called upon quite early..

The patient has no fever, and she looked so happy and joyful.

From my observation, i can see that the patient has some rashes around mouth area, hands, feet and some at her back.

I checked her moth and there's no sign of ulcer. If not, the patient will refuse to drink or eat!

I guess it must be the Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFM). More info here.

Moreover, the patient is currently being sent to nursery. So, there are possibility that the disease spread there.

I asked her mom whether this patient was infected from kids there, but she said that she wasn't sure.

Plan of Action:

Medication: Calamine lotion (this one for the affected area from the FHM) and Foban Ointment (this one is for her 'melecet' at the back of ear)

DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT send this patient to her nursery yet, until she is fully recovered.

Please check her temperature regularly, if she has any fever, please give Paracetamol and do not hesitate to go to nearby hospital.

This patient will recover in 3 to 4 days, Insya Allah.

Please pray for her recovery! Thank you very much!
For mothers out there, be careful! My sis told me that this is currently a 'hit' disease among kids n infants. Just watch out ya!

on Alia's FIRST TOOTH!


This is actually yg ntah berapa kali punya attempt..

So sorry for bad quality images..

"Ibu nih...."

I first realized her tooth last Friday, as I was 'suap'ing her with prunes.. (err.. I was the one who was eating it, and she was looking at me as if.."Nak, ibu.." .. so i pun suap la.. hihi..

Then i accidentally touched her gum and i was like "tajamnye!!!"

Tengok punya tengok, there it was! a tooth bud! :) at the bottom jaw.

So, these are our last weekend activities:

:::::::::: Cuci Rumah! ::::::::::

Yup! done! (alhamdulillah.. ) but just the floor, for the windows, still have to clean 'em.

Alia a.k.a. mandur...

See! Become mandur also tired, eh..?

:::::::::: Cuci Mata! ::::::::::

If only this is my house!

Sorry coz it is still under renovation..


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