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on Cyberview Lodge (II)


Haa.. here are the pictures!!!!

The room.. besar, kan..?

*ada kelambu pasal nyamuk! ada la seekor dua..

Belah kanan, ada almari.. siap ada bathrobe, iron, ironing board, ridsect, vape, peti besi..
and then, ada tandas..banyak sangat yang kecik2 tu.. shower cap, sewing kit, comb, cotton buds, toothbrushes, shaver, scrub..
Ada long bath..... (hehe.. ika dan eli mesti terliur nih..)

Keluar dari bathroom, ada meja dining (buat letak barang2 je ni..)And ada sofa! (siap ada epal hijau 3 biji lagi tu..)And.. the rest of the room... meja solek.. ada pool towel (towel hijau belang tu), ada cabinet untuk fridge, dll... ada flat screen TV (21 inch rasanya..), ada pc! (and internet surfing is free...)
Ini side table..
aircond dan lampu can be controlled here! (ada alarm lagi..)dan.. teman saya ...
**alia dan ayahnya akan sampai petang ni! yeah yeah... mari kita terjun swimming pool!

Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free!


I was surfing from 1 blog to another, then i quickly realised that i need to something.. real fast.. and that is .. to enter Malaysian Supermummy's Gin & Jackie's contest! (i intended to do this few days ago before my outstation, but i completely forgot! Lucky that there's still some time left..)

By the way, what's so special about Gin & Jackie is that they are the creator of few lines of bags (laptop bags, tote bags, travel bags, and even baby bags!), and they are our very own MALAYSIAN! Cool!

And in conjunction with Malaysian Supermumy's Amazing Blog Friday, and Gin & Jackie's Fall Collection, the winner will walk away with this!

Gin & Jacqie's Hobo Bobo! (the name's cute, and so is the bag!!!!)

So cute! ok, so here goes!..

1. Create a new post in your blog with this title:Supermummy is giving away Gin & Jacqie bag for free!
I did it! (In fact, i actually had wrote "on Malaysian Supermummy's Gin & Jackie's Contest!") haha..

2. Answer the following question:Who is the creator of Gin & Jacqie?
Ah.. this one's easy.. None other than Jacqueline Ng

3. Complete this slogan: I deserve a super lovely Gin & Jacqie bag because....
Erm.. slogan huh..? Oh well, i need the bag. Seriously. Besides the fact that the bag is super duper cute, i am currently looking for a HUGE bag, where i can stuff my belongings AND Alia's needs at the same time! Although it is a gym bag, but it is so spacious, and it has a handphone compartment! (plus, the side pocket for shoes can be turn to diapers compartment! How cool is that!)

4. Link back to Malaysian Supermummy (no link back will be disqualified ya)
Oh, no problem. (Actually, I already put Supermummy in my Blog List long time before this contest anyway..) So, this is Malaysian Supermummy's link..

5. Leave a comment at this post so I know that you have already completed the task!
Sure! Hope i win this! Thank you for the opportunity.

on Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa (Part 1)

Room 144
Cyberview Lodge
27/11, 11.07pm


Semenjak ibu alia checked in, tak dak post ya..

Sorry.. I know, here in Cyberjaya, u can always surf the net 24/7.. (err.. pls correct me if i'm wrong).. but semenjak dua menjak ni, i was kind of tight up with the retreat thing.. PLUS! my boss is beside me! how am I going to blog this way.. huhu.. :(

I took a lot of photo of this room... but my lappy is back at the meeting room.. so all the photos that i already transfered couldn't be downloaded now.. :( at least, not yet..

Now i'm blogging from my room.. they prepared a pc and the surfing is free! how cool is that!

erm.. oleh kerana bosan sekiranya sesuatu entry tanpa gambar, so i kidnapped this photo from
Kak Ziey's Blog.. haha.. (boleh ya kak Ziey.. hehe.. )

Ha.. cukup la satu gambar ya.. dah la curik.. hihi..

Oh ya, i figured out that my retreat will end this Sat (ada argument habis on Friday..) so, i am requesting Mr Hubby to bring along lil Alia here, tomorrow. (kiranya dapat spend 1 night here la.. ) i am looking forward his arrival to let him see how BIG the room is.. haha..

*hopefully tomorrow i get to upload those pics.. :)

ok la, i need some rest now.. tata..


on Retreat..


Ibu Alia kena pergi retreat la pulak.. :(

so i'll not be around until Saturday..

Tata Alia..

Take care..

Jangan nakal2... Jangan makan habuk atas lantai...


**ibu alia insyaAllah jalani retreat ni di Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa.. di Cyberjaya je.. :)

on I was fooled..!


yup.. I was fooled.. sabar je lah..

Last weekend my family and I went to my parents' house.. (as always.. kira dah jadi satu kemestian.. weekend je, mesti pergi AU3.. hihi..)

My sisters were there. They are now having their semester break..

I saw this

on the coffee table.

I asked Ika : Ika, apa tu..?

Ika replied: oh, Ika dah tukar course. Ika sekarang ambil Optometri.

I was like : Iye ke..? boleh tukar ya? alhamdulillah..

And later on i figured out that she was just bluffing.. (the bag was actually my dad's.. he just bought a new sunglasses..)

:::::::::: on Rambutnya sudah pendek ::::::::::

Yup. sudah mencecah kening..
My mom kata, takut rambut masuk mata and..... takut dia jadi juling..

(aaa..? juling..? tak boleh jadi ni..)

so i asked mom to cut it for me..

So ini jadinya.. haha.. :)
Pandangan sisi.. (oh ya, sila abaikan Acu (a.k.a Ika) di background ya.. dia memang tengah kelaparan tu.. hihi..

on Contest yang tak jadi..


Actually i already took some pictures.. (for the Nuffnang Friso contest..) the prize was so tempting! (trip to Disneyland for 2 adults and 2 children!) wahh.... :)
But with my 'busyness' lately.. i don't think i'll be able to participate.. (lagipun "children" tu kena 1 year and above..) hihi.. :) next year la kot..
talk about busy, Ibu Alia betul2 sibuk dua tiga menjak (sejak balik dari Singapura ni..).. Sabar je lah.. Blog Baju Baby pun tak tertengok.. hehe..
Updates on Alia later on saya cerita ya! :)

on I'm Back! :)


hehe.. I'm finally back! alhamdulillah... **my flight was at 1.45pm yesterday.. and now i'm back at the office! :)

Rasa SENGSARA duduk di negara orang.. especially part SUSAH MAKAN!

Yup.. Bagi saya susah makan la kat sana.. My dad SMSed me kata "KFC depa dengar kata tak halal.." oh ok.. so no KFC. How bout McD..? I went to a Mc D at Vivo City.. and searched for the Halal logo.. NOWHERE to be found! can u believe it! tapi i can see quite a number of muslims (they were wearing tudung..) eat at the Mc D.. so.. to be safe, i just ordered Fillet o Fish.. huhu.. da MUAK makan Fillet o Fish!!!

entry akan datang i will tell u the story of Singapore, ok..? :)

this entry saja nak tepek video Alia jalan.. :) oh well, semenjak 2 menjak ni.. itu je yang dibuat nya.. :)

on Being in Singapore...


Oh sungguh tidak meriahnya hidup di perantauan orang.. sorang-sorang pula tu.. :(

Anyway.. insya Allah Ahad i'm going back to Malaysia..

so, i have just 1 more day in singapore.. and that is TOMORROW!

erm.. so much to do, but so little time!

my first 2 days habis di Singapore Science CEntre...

Today pula menerjah ke Program Outreach mereka, iaitu Science in the mall.. jauh nun di Sengkang..

then lepas tu i managed to go to Singapore Zoo. beli tiket combo. sekali dengan Night Safari.. tapi hujan bukan main lebat lagi.. so malas lah tunggu sampai malam.. dibuatnya haiwan tak keluar dari kandang.. tak ke naya tu.. haha..

so insya Allah tomorrow i'll b going to Sentosa Island. dari hotel ni, pergi ke Harbourfront, naik bas, 2 bus stop, dah sampai! dari Harbourfront, naik Cabel Car.. uuiii!! harap saya tak gayat! haha..

then mungkin tgk tayangan 4D (hebat kan..?) and apa lagi ya..? mungkin pergi tgk Singapore Flyer kot.. itupun kalau ada time.. (Singapore Flyer ni mcm Eye On Malaysia je.. )

Oh ya.. i think tu je lah kot.. hehe

**best nye! kalau anda semua nak tau, saya menang Give Away SecondBargainBox tu! :) sweet! tq....

on Alia Walks!

Ni adalah mainan terbaru Alia. Ibu dia beli di SecondBargainBox. So far nampaknya ALia is enjoying her new ride.. :) haha

**kat background tu.. atas meja kaca tu ada safety gate.. itu lah safety gate nya.. ayah alia sayang nak tebuk dinding.. so kami x pasang2 lagi sampai sekarang.. haha :)

erm.. there's a slight changes in my plan to singapore...
My colleague couldn't come along due to the ungranted permission.. huhu.. sabar je lah..
So i'll be going today.. alone... :( flight pukul 12 pm.. :(
Oh ya, semalam we noticed the cute Alia walks!!!
~it was rather fast.. erm.. macam berlari je.. :)

on Outstation...


Still remember wahen i said that i have to go somewhere...? erm..

oh well, actually it's just Singapore! haha.. (uniknya.. uniknya.. singapura.. [macam dalam iklan tu]..)

for some people, that doesn't count as "oversea" as it is so near to Malaysia.. haha..

But since that it is my first time, tu yang berdebar tu.. haha..

in addition to that, i was supposed to go ALONE! aiyo.. sesat la ibu Alia ni karang..

Alhamdulillah last-last minute, suddenly my boss suruh buat paper rayuan, asking permission from our KSU to allow me to bring a colleague..

And insya Allah, that won't be a prob (coz still under budget..) but the approval is still no longer in sight.. so i'm waiting.. and waiting some more... paling lewat this evening that letter should reach me, and insya Allah i'll depart tomorrow..

ok.. so, memandangkan my colleague will accompany me to singapore.. so there's no need to bring along Mr Hubby and Lil Alia, rite..? hehe..

But still deep inside my heart, i'm missing my cute Alia already!.... (huhu.. sedihnya.. 1st time tinggal baby.. ) but when i compared to Kak Maz, yang pernah ditugaskan ke Australia selama 3 weeks yang mana time tu beliau baru 2 bulan bersalin (anak ke berapa saya tak ingat..).. so.. kiranya apa lah sangat saya, kan..? erm.. kena kuatkan semangat ni.. :(

oh ya, I'm bringing my lappy.. hopefully i get to blog there! hahaha.. tengok lah dulu.. kalau ada time.. :)
i'd like to apologise to
~Mama Ryan for not able to attend Ryan's 1st Birthday Party.. :( maaf banyak2..
~Khalid (a friend of mine) who was married on Saturday.. Pun x dapat hadir.. maaf sangat2..
Reason.. PSN was having a Family Day! (actually, since that PSN hanya ditutup pada Raya Puasa dan Sambutan Tahun Baru Cina, so that makes it hard for us to organize a Family Day.. Somebody has to work.. alhamdulillah, last saturday and sunday we had our julung-julung Family Day at Tiara Beach Resort, PD. we went there on Friday. I took the day off.
Alhamdulillah.. Atuk, Wan, Kek dan Danial were able to join us on Saturday! :)
The room was so spacious!
Yang ini time sukaneka.. haha.. Ibu Alia tak masuk apa-apa acara pun! kena jaga budak cute ni.. :)
And ada cabutan bertuah!! Alhamdulillah.. oleh kerana kami suami isteri bekerja di PSN, so kami dapat dua hadiah! :)
**i'm gonna need a kitchen cabinet to put all these..
Update on gigi Alia..
~gigi atas : ada 3 batang dah established.. satu baru nak tumbuh (belah kiri)
~gigi bawah : so far ada 3 batang dah established.. :)
Oh ya, semalam ibu Alia tengah masak2 di dapur.. si Alia pun sibuk di dapur.. 'menolong'..
Nampak tak apa yg tak kena..? haha..
ok la.. got to go..
kalau saya tak reply comment, atau chat box.. maaf ya..
Doakan saya selamat pergi dan pulang.. Amiin.. :)

on Heroes!!!

Heroes are back!!!!! HEROES SEASON 3 (tonight... channel 711.. time..? err.. i forgot.. either 8 pm or 9 pm)
**tomorrow (Friday) ~ off to PD! Family day.. :)

on SecondBargainBox Giveaway!

Salam all..

i am one of SecondBargainBox's loyal customers.

Why i love so much clicking the blog each and every single day is that so many toys (and stuffs like baby carrier, stroller, car seat..) being sold at a very cheap price..!! (things are all half price than the market price!)

Besides that, the toys are all nice, and good quality!

(i bought a safety gate and i am happy with it!)

And now, they are holding a giveaway!!!!

The luckiest person will win this:

(a Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Musical Rocking Pony)

Cool, huh..?

**i hope to win this because Alia is turning 1 next month, so i hope this toy will be able to help her coordination and motor skills. Plus, i am sure she'll adore the tunes!

on ...

Kecamukan bahasa

err.. i am ashamed that i am one of them.. (heard the news..? many malaysian are using malay & english in their sentence (kind of "rojak") and they said it was a "kecamukan bahasa" and it shows that people aren't master in both languages! what the...? ok, so i guess i have to use either english or malay and not mix them up.. huhu..

New Look (no. 2)

haha.. ok, so i did some adjustments.. here and there.. and did a new header.. (kind of cute, huh?).. still in the making.. :)


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