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Alia's New Toy!


Introducing.. Alia's new Toy!

Tapi tgk la mcm mana dia main!

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How To Make Money!


Topic for today is quite different from the normal ones.. haha..

Oh well, i guess it's the global economy problem that caused me to think of How To Generate Money (Fast!)..

Last night i was thinking.... How can i be RICH but using the legal way.. (well, you know, as Government servant, there are a few rules that we have to abid)

Ok, so here's my list of HOW TO GENERATE MONEY / INCOME :

**these are just MY OWN OPINION.. truth is, there are 1001 ways out there..

1) the easiest is through buying and renting. You buy a house, let say monthly you have to pay RM400.00, so, you just have to find a tenant, and charge him/her for about RM 600.00. From there, you can easily get RM200.00 per month without doing anything.

2) Through Trust (Mutal Trust and etc..) those fund sometimes come with great divident / benefits. (oh, i'm not so good in this whole Trust thing). But in long term, they'll come in handy (just as long as u invest continously.. small, but continuity.)

3) Through internet / online! This one may sound famliar to you. Google Adsense and Nuffnang are among of sites that provide cash per click. You just have to put their codes on your blog/website, and keep posting great articles, then the money will come in!

4) Besides the normal adertisement on your blog, there's this one thing, and that is Selling Flat Rate Ads On Your Site. This is a great idea! although i have never thought of that.. Read Here for more info.

5) This one needs some perseverence, hard work, patience... well. selling stuffs! anything under the sun. Through online, door-to-door, garage sale (unfortunately in Malaysia, it's very rare to see a garage sale..), night markets (easiest way to sell stuffs) etc.

6) My last point (and my favourite one) is... Find out what is your PASSION? What do you love doing most? and convert it to ways to make money out of it! as simple as that! I'm still tryng to figure out mine.. huhu.. :( Ok, let say, you love sewing. so, just sew something and sell it! (i just found out that there's a mom out there who is selling her home made baby sling! how cool is that!) Just be caution! sell something that people WILL SURELY BUY! Other than that, like mama ammar, who loves making pizza, she can easily make money out if it! ... and so can YOU!

Yup. Those r all of my points. Last but not least, be happy!

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Hadiah birthday Wan dan Big Apple

erm.. salam.. aduhai.. i'm still having problem to publish my blog to the www domain.. that has made me a bit down when it comes to blogging.. sudah x da mood..

anyway.. i bought this for Bapak, for his birthday..

Apparently, double XL dia a bit small.. so we had to change it to M size and give it to Mr Hubby. haha.. untung Mr Hubby.. hehe.. as for bapak, lain kali kami beli Tshirt lain pula ya! hehe..
oh ya, this is my latest craze!
Big Apple!!! oh, salahkan pada adik2 saya kerana introduce dan rekemen this donut shop!
saya tanya, apa best sangat Big Apple ni..? so their answer was because their donuts are so light (fluffy) and tak muak even if we eat a lot..
So i gave it a try.. wah.. memang superb! sedap, dan betul la, kalau makan banyak2 x muak pun! :) hehe..

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TAG tertunggak 1

Salam.. haha.. let's just name it that way.. :)

Tag tertunggak pertama ini datangnya daripada Intan (mama ammar)

Maaf ya, dah berzaman, baru sekarang baru ibu alia dapat buat..

Soalan: Nyatakan 5 kedai yang anda pantang jumpa mesti nak masuk dan beli barang.

Hehehe.. pandai dia reka tag.. hmm.. let's see. 5 ya..?

1. Petronas Mesra (ini satu kemestian.. Mr Hubby isi minyak, so daripada termenung dalam kereta, baik kita meneroka kedai itu..) haha.. tapi kalau alia ada sekali, kami duduk sahaja dalam kereta... :)

2. Central Mart (yup. sejak menjadi penduduk Saujana Utama ni, memang ini sahaja lah pasaraya / kedai runcit yang terdekat...)

3. V Shoppe! (yang ini adalah kedai souvenir di PSN.. kalau lalu, memang akan menyinggah! sangat suka because kedai ni banyak barang-barang baru (mereka update regularly..)

4. Wah.. banyak betul ya.. erm.. The Store Sungai Buloh (yang ini bukan la setiap kali lalu, tapi kadang2 bila lalu (time balik dari ofis), tiba2 teringat pada pampers / susu alia yang nak habis, so memang mintak Mr Hubby singgah sebentar.. :)

5. Last sekali... hmm.. Kedai area rumah mak saya.. Giant, Carrefour Wangsa Maju.. Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju.. (sekarang, yang latest di area tu ialah Jaya Jusco AU2).. :)


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Ibu Alia punya pasal..


hehe.. right now, kalau nak buka blog ini kena pakai kalau pakai alamat blogspot / kalau letak www, dia x boleh bukak. error. tau kenapa..? ibu alia la ni.. menggatal tangan pergi adjust setting di Google apps. ingatkan boleh bagi lagi advance! hehe.. last2 lingkup! so sekarang tengah tunggu 48 hours deactivation. nanti dia akan factory setting, insya allah lepas tu ibu alia akan try setting balik supaya automatik change the address from blogspot to the .com

:) sorry ya!

Would you like to be's SPONSOR..???

Salam, and a very good day to you.

I am Siti from I have a simple proposal that you just can't refuse. I am looking for a SPONSOR for my blog.

1. Why needs SPONSOR?

The answer is simple. This coming 2010, i have an intention of conducting a monthly contest, and yes, i really do need prizes for that.

To tell you the truth, i did some contests, and pop quizes (for the past few years) but the prizes weren't so great. You can check here and here. So i hope this coming 2010 will be a great year where we can conduct contests with great prizes!

2. What sort of SPONSORSHIP am i looking for?

Well, we are hoping if you could provide the prizes for our contests (may it be vouchers (discount or shopping vouchers) , or maybe stuffs (like toys, bags etc)

3. What sort of contest am i going to run at

Well, i haven't decide on that yet. Maybe after i get some sponsors, only then will i discuss with the sponsors. So it is like, win-win situation!

4. Why do you have to be one of our SPONSOR?

The answer is simple. For business purpose.


You see, gets about 150 - 200 visits per day. And the page views can be up to 1,282 per week! (see below)

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~to promote your products / business / events etc

Well, didn't i tell you that Google picks up keywords from easily..?

here's an example.

I did a review on Autofest at UKM.

Now, within 3 hours, it is already listed at Google Search!

(and not to mention, is on top!)

How would you like if your products are also listed among top searches on Google..?

5. And the target group?

Oh, currently readers of are mainly parents (mothers, mostly). So, these moms are usually eager to join in any contests that offers prizes such as vouchers.. toys.. baby products... bags.. etc! I am sure, if you become our SPONSOR, they would die to join our contest!

6. What else did you get besides becoming the SPONSOR of the prizes?

Oh, as you can see, here, on the right hand side of my blog, i already put "ADVERTISE HERE". So, if you become our sponsors, i will put your company banner (it is a small icon that visitors can link to your website) for FREE for the whole year! (well, i usually charge RM10 per month!)

And also, if you happen to promote your latest product, i would be happy to promote them for you.

So, what are you waiting for..?

Contact me NOW!

Siti Zuhaini Abd. Samah
(Admin of



Thank you very much! :)

Her smile...

... is quite different now.. somewhat funny.. haha.. :)

Alia bermain


hehe.. dah lama x jenguk Alia, kan..? here's alia.. playing with her dad.. erm.. at the end of the day, kami yg penat! haha..

**best nya dah OFFICIAL menjadi :)

Guide to Things to bring for nursery / babysitter


I know, the title sounds so weird.. actually this entry is specially made for Ammar's mommy who has to go to work next week after one-year leave (plus the 2 month confinement period). (punya la lama dia cuti... haha..)

Anyway, here's a simple guide to a first time parents who's sending his/her child to a nurseri / babysitter's house:

step 1 : Find a place! (either a nursery or a babysitter's house.. choose accordingly.) There are a few nursery who prepare the rice porridge for the babies, so, u'd have to inquire about it, and if they do, then, it's a BONUS! (you won't have to wake up early and prepare the porridge etc...) Also, check the location, is it easy for u to send and pick everyday etc.

step 2 : Find out the price! (some nursery varies, they have registration fee, annual fee and so on..)

step 3: Prepare the things needed!

These are the things to leave at the nursery / babysitters:

-baby bath (shower gel)
-baby shampoo
-baby lotion (i usually buy the 24 hour Johnson's lotion- smells great!)
-baby oil (as their minyak rambut)
-Telon Oil
-baby powder
-the baby feeding set (the mangkuk, spoon and cup)
-wet tissue
-baby blanket *
-tilam & bantal *
(* - we'd have to wash each weekends, so they'll return these on Friday)
-milk (susu tepung)
-baby cereal

That's all i can think of. usually if any of those mentioned above runs out, my babysitter will mention it and i'd have to buy new ones.

Here are the things that i put inside Alia's bag everyday:
-diapers (min 5, max 8 pieces)
-clothes (4 set)
-bottle n pacifier (bottle ni mmg saya request untuk bawa hari-hari...)
-plastic bags (to enable the babysitter to put the used towel and used clothes)

Yeah.. i think that's all.

oh ya, last but not least, prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally! :)

Mama Ammar, good luck ya! All the best!

on Alia ..



1) oh.. saya baru perasan. my blog SHOULD AUTOMATICALLY open the .com page, even if we type the blogspot address (like kak but the admin said i have to wait 3 days for it.. ok. so waiting....

2) I'd like to congratulate mami Hafiy for bringing Hafiy's premature brother, Fahry into the world.. Although ada complication sikit.. apa band tah.. i really hope mami Hafiy and family tabah mengharungi dugaan ini.. kesian sangat.. nak tolong, jauh la pulak.. kami sekeluarga doa dari KL ya.. semoga Fahry cepat sembuh.. amiin..

Alia's mischief...

3) Alia dah pandai bukak kabinet dapur (the one di bahagian bawah) dan dah pandai ambil cawan.. dan dah pandai campak ke lantai.. (semalam ibu dia x sempat nak catch.. so, tamat lah riwayat sebiji cawan kaca yang malang itu..)

4) Alia dah pandai mengada-ngada.. bila sampai ke rumah (after ambil dia dari rumah babysitter, dia nak berdukung je.. kita letak dia di atas lantai, meraung bagai nak rak! macam kena dera!) aduhai...

on Moving....


lately, memang ada dengar desas desus beberapa blog telah di delete oleh Kenapa di delete..? oh, tak tahu lah pulak kenapa. mungkin dilabel sebagai spam.. kot..

so, oleh kerana my main purpose blogging is to have an online journal of Alia's development and our life as a whole.. so... i have to act. Real fast!..

Before this, my sister ada offer website myportal dia. boleh diconvert to .com, tapi bayaran dalam 60 atau 70 ringgit malaysia setahun. tapi lagi canggih la. IF i have the time, sure saya ambil dia punya domain tu, tapi kerja ofis banyak ya amat.. di rumah pulak, melayan si kecik.. so, takut tak tertumpu..

Pagi tadi, jenguk reena's online.. cik puan tu dah tukar ke .com rupanya. service provider masih lagi blogger. that's why masih boleh guna layout yang sama.

cajnya setahun USD 10. boleh la, tambah tolak, dalam RM50 setahun (termasuk tax dll).

so, now alia punya blog sudah menjadi

So kalau anda klik ke alamat blogspot, dia akan redirect to alamat .com



**kesian kat mommy lily safiyya.. blog dia di delete..

on Our Trip To Kuching, Sarawak

Salam.. wah.. lama dah x berblogging..
rindu pulak.. haha..

ok.. to cut things short.. saya buat gini je lah ya..

Rabu (10/12/08)

Morning. Hantar Alia ke rumah makcik babysitter. Ada urusan sikit di Ofis.

Evening. balik ke SU3, pack up our things.. ambil Alia dari rumah makcik. then terus pergi ke AU3. Hajat di hati nak singgah di Petronas AU2, rembat beberapa bungkus Nasi Ayam Dara.. hampa sangat bila dia x berniaga..

Night. spent the nite at Au3..
Khamis (11/12/08)

Morning (at 4.30 am). bangun. mandi dan bersiap. plan to leave the house by 5.15 am. Alia pun bangun juga! so dia pun sibuk bersiap-siap juga.. Alhamdulillah. berjaya leave at 5.15 am. Atuk, Wan, De, Acu, Ayah Alia, Ibu Alia and Alia. Semua naik Matrix Wan. :)

Sampai di LCCT, terus park, dan check in.

Ibu alia bagitau kat Acu, nanti check in, dia akan bagi satu kad, boarding pas.. bla bla bla..

(rupanya Air Asia punya boarding pass ala-ala kertas resit je.. haha..)

Alhamdulillah, nasib baik ibu alia tempah tiket tempoh hari "express boarding". so bila pintu gate nak buka, kami yang express ni dibenarkan board the flight first! :)

dalam flight. Oh well. for hand luggage, ibu alia ada bawak satu botol susu, dan susu tepung (untuk dibancuh). tp Alia seperti biasa, bukannya nak minum susu time dia berjaga. so bagi makan je! Ibu Alia bawak biskut beras dalam 2 keping.. and Ayah alia dalam flight lapar, so dia mintak nasi lemak (harganya RM9.00) hehe. so alia pun tumpang sekaki.. dah kenyang, si kecik ni pun tido.. zzzz....

Sampai di airport Kuching. kami tunggu Wan (ni driver Atuk n Wan when they both went to Sarawak early this year)Oleh kerana nama dia Wan, so kite bubuh word Driver ya! haha.. so, Wan-driver bawak kami ke hotel. nama hotel tu Laila Inn. murah sangat. semalam RM60.00. hehe.. memang Atuk cari hotel yang murah, pasal kami dah satu bilik, De dan Acu satu bilik, Atuk dan Wan satu bilik. so altogether 3 bilik.. we spent 3 nites there. Atuk kata, kalau ambil hotel yg ada nama (mcm Grand Con ke.. boleh, tapi nanti untuk hotel je lebih dari seribu ringgit.. so kira mcm membazir, kan..? hihi)

aktiviti alia dalam bilik:
main telefon....

petang. bila dah settle down, kami berjalan-jalan ke Waterfront. (saya asyik terpanggil Harbourfront.. haha). MASALAHNYA ialah, Atuk kata "ala, dekat je. Jalan kaki je dari hotel.." so kami pun jalan dan jalan.. dan jalan.. x sampai2 jugak. tangan dah lenguh duk dukung ALia.. rupanya jauh ya amat.. haha.. tapi souvenir sangat murah di deretan kedai di situ.. Ada satu cruise. tapi kami x naik cruise tu (sure mahal..), kat putrajaya pun boleh ber'cruise', kan..?.. haha..
malam. duduk hotel je.. sambil urut kaki yang lenguh.. hehe..
JUMAAT (12/12/08)
(dalam van...)

morning. Erm. disini cepat sejam waktu solatnya. dan matahari pun naik awal sejam. so pukul 7 lebih, dah cerah, macam pukul 8 pagi.. kami naik van Wan-Driver pukul 8 pagi.. pergi sarapan.. (Wan-driver bawak kami ke satu restoran.. kami makan roti canai and such. tapi kami di introduce dengan Mee Kolok! haha.. nama dia sungguh kelakar.. tapi sungguh sedap! mee dia macam mee maggi, tapi dia ada bubuh daging sikit. and diletak sup sikit.. wah.. very mouth watering!)

*ibu alia terlupa nak snap gambar mee kolok, tapi ini adalah gambar curi dari internet.. maaf ya.

after our breakfast, we went to the Menara Kuching! Wan-driver told us, kalau KL ada KL Tower, so ini adalah Kuching Tower.. haha.. kami naik ke tingkat 3.. .. Alia tidur dari dalam van lagi, so erm.. she missed to see Kuching from the tower! (but i guess, patutnya ada seorang tour guide yang in charge here, so bila tourist macam kami ni sampati di atas tu, kami boleh tahu bangunan apa yg ada di sekeliling tu..)

Then, we went to the museum! Ada lots of artifacts.. pictures.. erm.. ohh.. so boring. maybe i'm used to the "science centre" kinda museum.. (the one where we can touch, and interactive with the exhibits..) and to make matters worse, the air cond was not functioning.. so the mom plus the baby pun kena la duduk je di luar muzium. Acu nampaknya sangat interested dengan muzium.. (oh ya, ada pelbagai jenis rumah panjang ikut kaum2 di sarawak di muzium ni.. tu salah satu element yg ibu alia suka.. haha)

Then, depan muzium ni ada muzium seni pula.. banyak poster2.. lukisan.. tapi kami lama juga duduk dalam muzium ni, mungkin pasal air cond dia tak rosak. haha..

noon.Kami makan.Tak silap, i asked Wan-driver, Santubong tu ada apa.. rupanya x da apa pun.. ada bukit bukau.. ada resort (mahal ya amat.. satu malam RM500 ke atas) namanya Damai Beach Resort tak silap.... ada beach.. (laut bergelora..) oh ya, dan ada Kampung Budaya. Ala.. dia ni macam Taman Mini Malaysia. ada rumah2 tradisional sarawak.. tapi admission charge is RM60. ahhaha.. so kami x masuk lah.. :) lalu je..

then, kami ke Muzium Kucing. Seriously.. kami adik beradik ingat ni muzium sejarah KUCHING. rupanya pasal KUCING! haha.. surprise, surprise! Alhamdulillah, kali ni Alia x tidur. so dapatlah lihat betapa sukanya dia tengok model kucing yang besar-besar kat dalam muzium tu..

Last stop for the day. Boulevard. erm.. bagi kami org KL, rasanya x da apa nak tengok di sini. dia ni macam shopping complex ala-ala One Utama.. tapi frankly, rasanya Midvalley, One Utama, lagi best kot.. haha.. tapi satu yang saya tertarik ialah dia punya tiang car park.5 so cute! (and creative too!)

SABTU (13/12/08)

morning. received sms. first person yang wish "Happy Birthday" : Kek Na! thank you..hehe..

breakfast. makan mee Kolok lagi.. haha.. sedap sangat.. !

then we went to Serikin. haha.. for your info, Serikin ni hanya ada pada Saturday and Sunday je.. Atuk kata dia ni macam pasar malam.. journey from Kuching to Serikin, took about one hour. Rupanya Serikin ni dan dekat sangat dengan sempadan Indonesia (Kalimantan). that's why banyak barang murah! (ala.. mcm kat Golok tu.. haha) antara barang2 yang dijual adalah handbags, sunglasses, tikar sarawak, langsir, telekung, baju-baju, dll.5 (ramei nya beratur...)
penat shopping, we went to Pasar Tamu. beli ikan Terubuk. saya beli 3 ekor je.. all of em are for my colleagues. none for ours, coz ayah alia x boleh makan ikan masin/masam dll. Kena berpantang! haha..

then, we went here! beli sikit kek lapis sarawak... :)

pandangan luar macam rumah orang je..

kat dalam, ada sofa dan atas meja ada kek lapis yang dah dipotong2.. so kita pun duduk2, merasa sample..

then headed towards back of the house, ada banyak rak, siap ada nama kek dll. ambil dan bayar. :)

evening. jalan kaki ke food court. makan Nasi Ayam Penyet. haha.. nama yang kelakar.. tapi sedap sangat. macam Nasi Ayam Dara! hehe.. bezanya ayam Penyet ni, ayamnya di penyekkan.. haha..

AHAD (14/12/08)

morning. breakfast di restoran depan hotel je.. (people in sarawak have this funny habit, i.e. they close their restaurants on Sundays! yup! funny but true.. kesian la kat perantau macam kami ni.. isk..isk..)

at around 10.30 am, Wan-driver came. took us to the airport. flight pukul 12.50.

alhamdulillah, sampai KL tengah hari. x perasan pukul berapa. (pasal x check jam).. tapi as we entered the main terminal, hujan turun selebat-lebatnya.. mak ai.. so kami solat dulu.. baru balik rumah.. :)

the end..
*alhamdulillah.. tq Wan and Atuk for a wonderful holiday! :)

**Kek, next time kita pakat pergi Sabah pula ya! :)


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