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I'm scratching my head...

erm.. i dunno HOW ON EARTH do i integrate phpBB forum to my wordpress blog.. :(

yang geramnya ialah both (phpBB and wordpress) were things that offered.. but yet, they didn't know how to do it! arghh!!!! So pissed off rite now...



Well.. since Alia has been able to say "ayah" or "ayyah".. I have never been so envy (with Mr Hubby..)!!!!!

So i keep asking her to say "ibu".. although most of the times, the word that comes out is ayah... :(

this evening, however, she said...






oh well, i know, it is still a long way to go.. but she is on the right track! (i hope..) hihi..

**to the winners.. i'm so sorry.. currently i am managing "something".. maybe saturday i'll post it to u, ya! sorry..

Our first day..


It was almost 5pm. I quickly realized that i have yet to perform my Asar Prayer..

10 minutes after that.. done!

Went to the office, punched out.. took my bag and went to my hubby who remained his patience.

Took off.

Used the Kerinchi Link..


Tap.. Tap...

OMG! It was raining! (and i forgot to bring our raincoats!)..

we waited.. and waited..

then, cannot wait any moment longer.. off we go.

Alhamdulillah.. The rain stopped..

We did stop at a few workshops (to install the "hoot" at the back there..) but seemed they were a bit occupied.

Last but not least.. we reached Saujana Utama.

Today was our FIRST day on our motorbike.. to and from work... :)

Gnite everybody!

Alia's Holiday..


Gong Xi Fa Chai!

erm...This is how Alia spent her weekend & the Chinese New Year Holiday...

Saturday :

Ibu Alia has to work.. so ALia once again came to PSN.. :)

Sunday :
Alia went to her Atuk's and Wan's... until Tuesday..
Yesterday (tuesday), Alia, her parents, Acu n De went to OU! :)
With her ladybird costume! Thanx to De.. (Alia's Mom thinks she looked cute in that outfit! haha)

Things to consider when buying a house


Erm.. My mom told me a few things when it comes to buying a house....

1. Location!

Surely u'd try to find somewhere near your office or your parents'..

2. The House!
Well, there are a few things that u have to look carefully....

-the most important thing :

IF you can, try to find a house that the roof is not combined with the neighbouring house.. (if you're buying a bungalow, that'd be no problem at all!)

Here's an example. This is my house.. see the roof!

Let's compare with this one.. see what i mean..?
(the rational is, if you buy a house that doesn't share the roof, if u'd like to do anything with it, u can just go ahead.. but if it is shared, then, leceh la, have to slow talk with the neighbour and all..)
-next, IF you can, try to find a house that in front of it has no other buildings (houses, school etc)

I forgot to capture our house, but this is an example of my parents'.
See the space..? you can make a garage out of it!

-erm.. what else..? i think that's all... :) i think in the end, tepuk dada tanya selera.... :)

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And the winners are......

Salam.. here's the result for the contest! :)

The 1st prize goes to.....

~for her few amazing ways on how to improve!


the 2nd prize goes to......

Mama Sarah !!!!!
~for her honest review on this blog.. and she spot a huge spelling mistake i did! haha..

For the winners : please give me your address at my email (

For those who didn't win : Thanx for participating..Don't give up just yet.. more contests coming up in the future!!!

Our New Ride!


Presenting..... OUR new ride!
(in case ur wondering, it is a Yamaha 135 LC..)

Well, since the school started early this year, the traffic has been really bad.. really, really bad.

Can u imagine, we took off from home (by car) at around 6.30 am, but still couldn't make it before 8 am!

So, insya allah, starting next week, this is gonna be our ride! (terkenang time muda-muda dulu kat U, i used to ride a motorcycle to classes...)


**i already bought an insurance! Just to be on the safe side.... :)

Cute's Blog Award


Ibu alia dapat award!!! it was a Cute's Blog Award (although i kinda pelik.. cute's tu mcm x betul je.. should it be cutest..? or just cute..? hmm..)

anyway, here r the rules :

1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” untuk diletakkan di blog anda =

2. Link atau ceritakan kembali siapa yg memberikan award ini kepada anda =

oh.. award ni ibu alia dapat dari Supermummy... :) thanx a lot.. err.. ibu alia sungguh blur di kala ini...

3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri

10...? banyaknya... ok, here goes.. hobi / fakta.?

-saya suka tido.. selalu terlelap depan TV (especially if alia da tido..)

-saya suka makan.. tapi x gemuk-gemuk pun! :(

-saya suka berblog! haha.. untuk blog saja dah berapa RM ntah melayang.. hehe..

-saya suka makan kebab! yg paling sedap di Jalan TAR, tapi lately di paya jaras pun apa kurangnya.. haha..

-saya suka jalan-jalan.. :)

-alia suka makan! bagi je la apa-apa, sure dia suka!

-alia suka masuk benda dalam mulut!

-alia suka makan jagung!

-alia suka tidur lewat malam... (kul 10.30 ke atas..)

-alia suka makan Prune!

(ok, cukup ya!)

4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyertakan nama mereka di blog anda

10..? banyaknya....




A toothbrush


a toothpaste

For Alia.... :)

Trying to migrate..

Salam.. we are in the process to migrate from or



so, if the migration stuck somewhere, u can find me at any address listed above..

(hahah.. i am so crazy rite now!)

**mana tutorial jua 2nd part nih...? :)

Budak Bijak


Budak kecik sorang ni sangat la bijak.. (oh well, semua baby / toddler bijak, kan..?) mereka ni belajar dengan sendirinya! (x payah ibu dia susah2 ajar. hahahha)

perkara bijak No 1.

Kalau ALia ni b*rak, bila kita dukung dia, dia macam x selesa, and dia akan minta kita turunkan dia.. hahah..

perkara bijak No 2.

Bila kita buka seluar dia (nak basuh b*rak dia).. dia jalan straight ke tandas! dia macam dah tau nak cebuk b*rak dia di situ.. oh ya, tandas yang di dapur tu..

perkara bijak No 3.

Bila kita buka pampers dia, terus dia peluk kaki kita, b*nt*t menghala ke arah baldi yang ada air tu.. hihi.. so teramat la senang nak cebuk b*rak dia.. :)

erm.. so far tu je la kot.. (uiks.. semua perkara bijak dia mengenai b*rak ya..? sorry if they disgust u...)

I did mine! kalau bole nak tau juga perkara bijak anak-anak anda! :) heheh...

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Let's Get Corny!


erm.. Yesterday, when we were on our way home, we stopped by at the Paya Jaras Night Market...

As usual, we bought nasi ayam (this is a MUST, coz alia will only eat this for her dinner!) and 2 tongkols of corn, and some miscellaneous items like kebab and all..

This is how you eat the corn!

(well, she wanted the whole tongkol all by herself! we can SHARE it with her, but NEVER to take it away from her.. or else.. mengamuk satu rumah!)
Afterward, let's have a cup of plain water!

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Let's Yoga!

..... the Alia way

Come follow me! I'll show you..

This is how you do it!

Maintain at that position at least 10 minutes..

And last step.. rest... :)
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Alia goes to work!


Today Alia goes to work!

Well, Makcik babysitter had to take care of her daughter who is in the hospital.. kesian, kan..?

So, patutnya i take a day off.. EL la nampak gaya nya..


My boss is going for an outstation tomorow..

So i'm just here.. "standby".. if she ever give me any work.. well, 90% surely ada kerja punya lah! :)

So, si kecik ni kerja dia berjalan-jalan di dalam ofis!

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The Star (Just For Me!!)

Salam... hehe..

The Star .. Just for me.. everyday, after i punched, there'll be a copy of The Star on my desk..

(rasa macam bos je.. hihi)

psst.. perasan tak beg laptop yg cute tu...? yg itu saya punya!! :)

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AJL 23

Well, as i had expected. Faizal Tahir walked away with some prizes...

and the song of the year is the one from Meet Uncle Hussein..

Well... maybe its their luck! haha..

Anyway, here's's list of winners (at least i thought they deserve to win...)

Best Vocal - Ziana Zain
Best Performance - Stacy

ok tu je kot. 2 tu je yg i thought deserve to win.. :)

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Don't forget to enter contest! CONTEST!


It is my pleasure to tell you that is organizing a contest!!!!!!!!!!

well, the contest is so simple.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Write an entry (in your blog) about this contest.. Use your creativity!

2. Tell us what that you like about (it could be the posts, the widgets.. anything!)

3. Tell us what you don't like about and how to improve our blog!

4. Tell us what you'd like me to write in in the future!

That's all!

(oh ya, Don't forget to inform us in the comment section so that we know that you take part!)

The contest ends 23rd January 2009 at 5.00 pm

Oh ya, and the prizes are...

1st prize : Gin & Jackie's HOBO BOBO
(it is a very stylish gym bag)

2nd prize: Gin & Jackie's CANDY STRIPE PAUL
(it is a laptop bag.. fit for a 15 inch lappy)

yup! eversince i won the Supermummy's giveaway.. i became fall in love with Gin & Jackie's product!
Big thanx to :
Supermummy -coz introduced me to this brand..
Mr Hubby- coz being kind enough to sponsor both prizes for my contest!
Anyway, Good luck!

The New Vaio!


wah.. Sony Vaio has come out with a new lappy (they call it : Pocket PC) the model is Vaio P!

it is so small (8 inches!) and it looks so handy.... :)

there are 2 models, one is priced RM2, 788 and the other one is RM3,788.

As usual, the price differs due to the spec and sometimes, the color of the casing! (yup.. if black / white, its cheaper.. if u want blue/red, just add another RM1,000 -like my current Vaio..) huh!

anyway.. i think this one is a good bargain!

oh ya, here's a link to it.. :)

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Let's Boycott!

Salam... Let us boycott (is this spelling correct..?) these products!

(although it seems that our act is small, remember.. there are rewards for all of our action! amiin)

Still remember the Ababil Bird..? small acts but together, we can make it! insya Allah! :)

The 16,666th visitor

well... i thought of organizing a contest.. and that is for the lucky person who becomes the 16, 666th visitor!


end up.. I was the WINNER! hehe..

(tak sempat announce pun!)

anyway, i'd like to organize another contest soon.. just wait for a couple of days ya!

Stay Tune!

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This morning.. i woke up.. streching.. uh.. i just realised that i got a backache! :(

It is not a big thing (well, for sure i still have to go to work today..) but it's the uneasyness.. when u twist your body to the right / left, it will hurt.. aiyo..

wanna know HOW I got it?...

THIS is how...

erm.. my little baby is grown up and her sleep is like a helicopter! so, the 3 of us had to sleep on toto, on the floor... aduh... sakitnya!!!! :(

**just ignore all the mess at the background, ya! :)

Ayah Alia's "cold" hands

salam... hihi.. Ayah alia is proven to have a pair of "cold" hands! hehe.. (erm.. in Malay, it means "tangan sejuk" and that means somebody who likes to plant and everything that he/she plants grows well)...

The Kacang Panjang (aka Long Bean) Plant :

Close up : The old Kacang Panjang (soon to be the seeds)

Kacang Panjang some more...

Besides Kacang Panjang.... we have Cucumber Plant! :

And.... Corn! (well, the corn plants are a bit retarded.. haha)

And last but not least... the Chilli! :)

Mari Makan Calci-Yum!


hihi.. Semenjak tengok iklan Calci-Yum (betul ke ejaan ni..?) di TV (yang menunjukkan budak yang makan Calci Yum tu lagi tinggi dari kawan dia.. haha).. Semenjak tu saya berazam hendak membeli Calci Yum! :)

and last Friday we went to Central Mart to get this!

Calci Yum... so yummy!

Erm.. yang ini ada 4 portion (ie ada 4 cups, 2 cups belah kanan perisa mango, 2 cups belah kiri perisa strawberi)

Kami try yang ini je dulu. ada lagi satu pakej, dia ada 8 cups! (takut alia x suka makan, kang membazir la pulak.. haha)

so alhamdulillah, nampaknya dia suka sangat! (boleh makan 2 cups sekali gus!)

perisa dia ada banyak, macam kat atas tu (mango + strawberi), coklat, oren, vanilla dan apa tah.

so far alhamdulillah, benda alah ni sebenarnya yogurt.. so disamping memberi khasiat pada Alia, ia juga membantu melawaskan stool dia..

so, why don't u give it a try! :)

**sekarang ni depa ada anjurkan Rank The Towers.. (ends Feb.. jom masuk!) hihi..

How to prevent your child from climbing the stairs..

... but you don't have any safey gate.


(Our Mr Alligator)

well, this alligator we got from Atuk Alia who went to Sarawak last year.. thank you Mom!

We were surprised to notice that Alia is currently afraid of this thing... (well, she broke into tears!)

Before this, she weren't that afraid..

(this pic was back when she was around 7 months or something..)

So, we use this method to prevent her from climbing up the stairs!

haha.. :) it worked!

**actually, there's a video that i should post here.. but seems internet is quite slow now.. maybe later!

on Alia

Salam... Fuh. dah abis make up blog. boleh ya, dgn rupa yang dok ada ni....?

(nak buat sendiri, x reti... tu yg x cantik tu...)

(hehe.. sooner or later, kalau saya boring lagi, saya tukar lagi.. haha)

ok, enough about my blog template.

Saya nak cerita sedikit mengenai si kecik ni.....

On Vocab

Well, sekarang Alia sangat pandai sebut/panggil Ayah dia.. (sounds like "ayyya")

Tapi dia masih x reti panggil Ibu.. Bila kita suruh dia sebut Ibu, dia sebut ayyya jugak.. :(

Kadang2 tukar jugak kepada "Mama", tapi yang disebutnya "Memey".. hihi..

Benda-benda lain dia sebut "uh.. uh.." je.. sambil pointing at whichever things that she likes..

Eventhough Alia x reti lagi nak cakap, but i think she understands what we are saying... Macam pernah sekali, saya tanya Alia, "Alia nak susu..?" dia akan geleng (kalau x nak), dan kalau nak, dia akan angguk, dan ambil botol susu dari kita, cari toto (yang ibu dia akan bentangkan..) dan baring atas toto tu... hehe..

on Playing

ok, dia sekarang ini sudah pandai bermain.. macam kalau kita sembunyi (belakang sofa..) dia akan datang cari.. bila dah jumpa, dia akan terkekek-kekek gelak.. haha..

Lagi satu, dia dah pandai meniru segala perbuatan kita.. macam kalau kita menguap (kita akan tutup mulut dengan tangan) so dia nampak, dia pun tutup mulut dia dgn tangan.. haha.. (same goes if we sneezes etc)

Seperti yg kita semua sedia maklum, dia suka ikut ibu dia ke mana saja.. :( especially dapur.. so kalau saya nak basuh pinggan, nanti dia akan ikut kita ke dapur, nanti dia akan ambil periuk / besen (di rak pinggan mangkuk) yang dia sampai, so nanti bising satu rumah dengan bunyik periuk tu.. kalau diketuknya periuk tu, tak pa juga, ni dia akan campak ke lantai.. aduh.. bising betul! haha..

on Eating

oh, dia memang sangat suka makan.. tapi kalau bagi nasi + ikan, dia x berapa suka.. dia akan makan beberapa suap je..

tapi, kalau kita suap nasi ayam, wah, suka betul! (agaknya nasi ayam ber"kuah", tu yang dia suka kot)..

tapi still, x boleh lagi bagi dia makan sorang.. habis berkecah satu rumah!

erm.. apa lagi ya.. tu je la kot. (sebenarnya ibu dia dah x da idea.. haha..)

have a great weekend! :) wassalam..
**UKM akan mengadakan satu festival besar-besaran pada 18 Januari, 9 pagi, di Dataran Pangung Seni, ada banyak pertandingan dan aktviti, antaranya Pertandingan Bayi Comel (3 thn ke bawah), Fashion Show (4-5 thn), dan Gubahan Buah.. berminat-sila hubungi azie (019 4866383)dan Najmi (012 7952491).. Free, tp hadiah menarik!

Our new home..

Salam.. hehe.. so how's our new "home"..

erm.. ni template curik.. i wish i can do something like this.... hmm.. (sigh)

so after several attempts, i quit tryin.

by the way, our new address is :)

Mini Cornetto


Semalam Alia makan aiskrim mini Cornetto! :)

hihi.. mula2 ok la. maintain je... (sambil tgk tv..)

lepas tu, ibu alia perasan yang dia punya vanilla aiskrim dah habis, so tinggal yang DALAM kon tu...

Apa dia buat, nak tahu...?





hehe.. dia jolok aiskrim dia! so that aiskrim kat dalam tu boleh dimakannya! :) hehe..

Sungguh comot ini budak!

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I will follow you....


Hihi.. budak kecik ni dah pandai follow ibu dia! :) sort of.

So kalau ibu dia pergi ke dapur.. dia akan ikut kita ke dapur..(dan tolong "mengemas" segala periuk dan besen2 yang ada di rak... huhu)


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The Shoe Story..


Well.. (as u all know), i am not a shoe person.. if u ask me, i can't really tell the differences between heels, wedge, stilletto and so on.. [i just call them "heels"] :)

I love flats. They are really comfortable. But for my wedding 'hantaran', i had to request for heels. Well, heels are rather 'pretty', right...?

Oh, if u'd like to now, what happened to the heels, well, i let it go to Ely.. hihi..

As far as i can remember, i owned flat Bata / crocodile or something... then i bought a Camel. (I still remember, i bought Camel when i was few months preggy with ALia... )

And just last week, i went to Jaya Jusco AU2. They had a sale. (JJ always have a sale going on.. that keeps their customer like me going there at least fortnightly.. hehe)

I bought a pair of Crocodile heels. (i have always wanted to wear heels and love the 'sophisticated' look! So i thought "why not give it a try...") Original price was RM60 something. with 50% less, that made it around RM30 something.. :) so cheap!

BUT... after i wore it about 2 days.. all i can say is that ..

I simply can't wear heels.... my feet didn't melecet or anything like that (alhamdulillah, lucky me!) but.. it seems wearing the heels made me a bit tired.. maybe i had to put my whole body weight towards the front part of my soles. Compared to flats, the weight is distributed evenly.. hmm....

So, yesterday, Kek came all the way from Teluk Intan to KL, and we grabbed this opportunity to take her to JJ AU2 (well, it is kinda new "thing" around here..) and i bought THIS! hahaha.....

SCHOLL! never dreamt that i'll be buying this (brand) my whole life! (oh well, usually it's the expensive factor.. )

So, bye bye Camel! :)

Oh ya.. Congratts to all Standard One Primary School Studets who starts schooling today.. :) wonder when will alia starts her schooling.... haha..

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