Search This Blog CONTEST!


It is my pleasure to tell you that is organizing a contest!!!!!!!!!!

well, the contest is so simple.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Write an entry (in your blog) about this contest.. Use your creativity!

2. Tell us what that you like about (it could be the posts, the widgets.. anything!)

3. Tell us what you don't like about and how to improve our blog!

4. Tell us what you'd like me to write in in the future!

That's all!

(oh ya, Don't forget to inform us in the comment section so that we know that you take part!)

The contest ends 23rd January 2009 at 5.00 pm

Oh ya, and the prizes are...

1st prize : Gin & Jackie's HOBO BOBO
(it is a very stylish gym bag)

2nd prize: Gin & Jackie's CANDY STRIPE PAUL
(it is a laptop bag.. fit for a 15 inch lappy)

yup! eversince i won the Supermummy's giveaway.. i became fall in love with Gin & Jackie's product!
Big thanx to :
Supermummy -coz introduced me to this brand..
Mr Hubby- coz being kind enough to sponsor both prizes for my contest!
Anyway, Good luck!


Emma said...

mcm best la pulak...

tgk la.. kalau idea ada mari kalu, akak roger zu aaaa

-mama emma-

Mimi said...

aik kakak? alaa emma ni selalu perasan tua tau! zu bukan u baye i ke? heheh.. i sebaya zul heheh..

neway, nnt i cari ilham ape nak tulis wokeh! cun hadiah tu, i dh la pantang nampak pinky2 nieh.. heheh

Anonymous said...

kalo xde blog x bolleh masuk ke? hehhehe


Anonymous said...

Hi, hafreze from

Cool, I suka beg laptop no 2 tu. sangat cute.

since I'm blogging about entertainment, sure not going to make a blog entry about others. haha

But, I'm willing to give a suggestion.

How about moving from blogger to wordpress? You still can keep the same domain, I know you are using blogger custom domain.

Wordpress can be analogy as 5 star suite for blogger, has a lot of control, which we cant rely enough on blogspot.

For example, wordpress was made to be more search engine friendly. I already do some research long time ago, the same content, I posted to both blogging platform.

By using wordpress, google do index my entry within 15 minutes, on the other hand, google index blogspot after 2 days.

Search engine friendly is the core thing in blogging. Hope you success.

Once again, I love the 2nd bag. good luck

ZuH@iLieY said...

may i enter the contest????
damn want that bag soooo much..
i thought u entered the contest...but y suddenly u ORGANIZE a contest??

Zue said...

dah post entry
check out ya...

Anonymous said...

Hi Zu,
saya dah buat satu entry pasal contest ni. Sila check di blog

Unknown said...

yang... akak pon join kontes nih... heheh... dah post kat entry... opppss... maluuu...

Emma said...

zu, nyampuk sini jap aaa...

mimi, zu yg start panggil i kakak... i pun mengiya je la... zu lahir thn berapa nie??? kite 1979... mimi, u lak??

-mama emma-

Diver Mom said...

~mama emma~
hehe. ok..

betul! i baya zul and baya mimi.. hehe..

ok! :)

oh, cannot la dear.. sorry..

well, good point! but i am a simple person.. malas nak tukar2 to wordpress dll. thanx anyway!

well, i did enter the contest, and i found out that many requested that bag. that's why i'm organizing a contest, so that people can win it! (thanx to Mr Hubby for sponsoring it!)

ok, thanx!

ok, thanx!

ok thanx!

~mama emma~
i lahir tahun 82. so kiranya x jauh la beza kita! hihi..

mazharalti said...

eammm... bag laptop tu so sweet... nak nak...
tapi kena cari idea la dulu... hihihihi...

=> mama alia... selalu lupa nak link blog kaisah... huhuhuhuhu...

FAM said...

hye mama alia. i penah singgah ur blog but usual me, tak bg salam. hehe. anyway, interested dgn contest ni. visit my blog kay. hope i win!! :)

Anonymous said...

nak nyampuk hafreze,
my entry dalam blogspot tak sampai second akan appear dalam google. caranya senang. daftar je blog tu dengan google search engine.

Anonymous said...

contohnya semalam (190109) saya buat entry pasal sridar rao (pesakit hydro + spina bifida). google je nama tu sure jumpa punya entrynya.

Diver Mom said...

erm.. tertinggal ka..? rasa mcm da letak.. sori ya.. nanti saya letak semula.. :)

ok, thanx 4 participating!

erm.. ye ke gitu..? hehe.. saya tak tau la.. haha..

ZuH@iLieY said...

kasi la de satu...apa ni kene masuk contest pulak..huhuhhhhuhhuhuhuh

Sue.Aleen said...

Zu... akak pun ter'take part'. Baca entry ni.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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