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Let's drink!


Since that the nurse at Klinik Tanglin told me Alia was a bit skinny (i'll tell u the whole story soon, ya!), so we had to take a drastic action!

Feed her.. and even introduce chocolate drinks to her! (well, at first, she drank a few rows, but after a while, the milk was finished by her mom, as always! haha)

Hero Dad

Hero Dad

You are my hero, Dad

You're my secure foundation.

When I think of you,

I'm filled with love

And fond appreciation.

You make me feel protected;

I'm sheltered by your care.

You're always my true friend;

When I need you, you're always there.

You have a place of honor

Deep within my heart.

You've been my superhero, Dad,

Right from the very start.

(a poem beautifully written by: Joanna Fuchs )

**updates on Wan:

-He's still temporaryly paralysed. bed-ridden. so Atuk is currently taking her leaves (without salary) until her pencen which is going to be sometime in August..

-Wan now loves eating.. (recently he asked Mr Hubby to buy some Pasembor at Melawati) and he ate the whole packet!

-He does has some headache (due to the operation) now and then, but still on medication.

-I took turn with Atuk to take care of him (take care means feed him, massage him and changing his diapers). But usually i kinda 'pengelat' coz i was so tired to stay awake at night, massaging his feet, so i quietly sneaked into my room and .. sleep! :P

-Alhamdulillah, hopefully Wan will recover soon! insya Allah...

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Still remember this one..? from this entry..

well, they are all grown up and ready to be eaten!


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Babysitter number 3


Oh well.. we have got a new babysitter for Alia!!! :)

hehe.. alhamdulillah..

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6-6-6 picture tag..


(although nobody tags me, (as always.. haha..) but i'd like to do this tag! :)

The rules are:

# Go to your photos folder in your computer.

# Go to the 6th folder of photos.

# Go to the 6th picture in that folder.

# Put the picture on your blog and description of it.

# Invite six friends to join the challenge.

# Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

So this is my 6th picture in my 6th folder! :)

**Alia was 4 month old at that time, and we have just came home from a trip to Teluk Rubiah (if i'm not mistaken..) so that was the 'souvenir' that she brought home! :)

I'd like to tag... mama ammar, mama awisy, mrs nurhakim, mama danial (kakek), mama ryan, mama hafiy! (if anyone out there would like to do this also, u are most welcome!)

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SpaQ2 - Finale


Yesterday was the final episode of Spa Q2... So, how was it..?

I was a bit 'geram' coz the ending wasn't like what i had suspected..

Qistina - i thought she'd be dead (due to her kidney prob). Turned out, she was hapily married to Fahmy

Fahmy - i thought he'd be disappointed with Qistina's death, so he asked Melissa's hand in marriage! :) hehe..

Zafrul - I thought he'd be sorry for all the awful things he did (to marlia), and in the end he was rot in the jail (for having force s*x (or rape) with Marlia)..

Marlia - well, i was so hoping they show her baby! but maybe it was hard to find a newborn to act.. haha..


Julia - i kinda confuse why she cried, eventhough she didn't love Dafi. So, i kinda guess she'll end up in a "Tanjung Rambutan"..

oh ya..

Dafi - I thought he'll marry with Tania (coz she said she has someone, but that "someone" was just something she make up to make Dafi jealous!)

who else..

Norell - i thought she'll work with that old guy (whom she went to brisbane with)

Eryana - i thought she'll work with Qistina (to pay her debt to her mom) :)

erm.. that's all!

What's your comment...?!

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Can u guess..?


Can u guess what this is...?

Well, i'll give u 2 seconds!





Alia's Toy...? think again!!!!






It's a Pendrive! (oh well, sometimes i call it Thumbdrive, but some people call it flash memory!)

:) cheers!

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Let's Celebrate Earth Hour !!


I got a tag from Jua. erm.. Apparently i forgot (or didn't have the opportunity..) to snap a picture of Alia switching off a light. haha..

Anyway, for tomorrow's Earth Hour, we plan to:

-Turn off the TV and the lights


-sit quietly in the dark... haha..

**well, since that we are living with Atuk and Wan, i don't think they'll agree with the first idea. So, maybe we'll go out somewhere.. (although i don't think Mr Hubby will agree with it coz it will involve his money! haha)

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Can't finish it!

To tell you the truth, this book i have been reading from my trip to SIngapore (Nov 08) until now!

and i have yet to finish it! :(

*really wonder how / when do mommies out there read their novels.. hmm..

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Let's go, robot!


Just wanna share with you (something that is considered "basi" / stale already!) :(

We had a robotic conference held at National Scence Centre recently...

For teachers, this is not an eccentric thing to them as they have already been exposed to the world of robotic (well, each year SASBADI co-organized the National Robotic Competition together with Ministry of Education up to the international level!)

And in the evening there was a workshop!

So, this is what my robot looks like! Tada!

Erm.. cute, huh..? got 2 cute miniature of people there..

So, what does it do..? oh well, this "thing" is supposed to use the infrared to scan the bars (black, grey bars) and convert it into a graph. (and actually, this can be a game!)

Actually, from this NXT robot (by LEGO), there are a lot of things that you can teach your students (or your child, if you can afford! hehe). Like, there's a sound sensor. The wheels will move when you clap or speak! how fascinating! :) and etc.

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Events! Events!


Alhamdulillah, last nite went well. ALia didn't have a temperature! (well, we thought she will but luckily she didn't!)

erm.. i just would like to share wth you guys, a few events that is ongoing and another one that is coming up!

'Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2009'

Well, this has started from 19th (yup, the day we went for our retreat) until 30th March! so, those of you who still would like to look around, (and spend some money on batik stuffs, haha) this is the chance! :)

Another one is

NATPRO 2009 ~ Natural Product Expo 2009

It is going to be held at PWTC, from 10th - 12th April 2009.

I used to go to this expo few years back. usually they will showcase & sell products from herbs, and even sell the herbs (in plant form!) :)

So, i guess that's all..

**by the way, "perhimpunan Agung UMNO" has started today until 28th March at PWTC. I am so glad i don't have to go 'bertugas' like last year (i was few months preggie and came home at 9 pm!)

**and this Saturday will be our Earth Day.. ..where for one hour we won't turn on our lights! should be interesting ya! And here is a link of activities that YOU can TEACH YOUR CHILD about Earth Day! try it!

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Yesterday, my sisters were hooked up with Acu's laptop. So i took a peek. They were looking at their Facebook. Then, my elder sister joined in. She also has a facebook! OMG! can u imagine, a busy doctor like her, has a facebook! (this time around, i really felt like i am so indeed ketinggalan zaman...

So, this morning, i did mine!

now i am glad i am not a left out anymore! :)

**do visit / add / invite me to your facebook ya! tq.. oh ya, just search for "siti zuhaini" :)

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~ Alia ~


Well, Alia n her dad came in the middle of Saturday afternoon..
That evening, i took her to the pool and she had a great time!

That night, we had a barbeque n karaoke session! :) ibu alia sung a few number of songs together with her boss and a couple of friends.. :)

Yesterday, we checked out early (around 9.30 am) coz ibu alia would like to catch Kek Na and Danial who came all the way from Teluk Intan from last Saturday.

Yesterday evening, Alia has a temperature. we gave her paracetamol.

Last night we took her to a Pusrawi Clinic nearby.

In the middle of last night (around 12.00 am), she had a temperature again! So we had to insert the ubat bontot..

Hopefully today, she'll be ok.

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Retreat at De Palma


Well, there are a few things u need to know...

-"retreat" is like a meeting / discussion about what has been going on (with our work), and how to improvise / enhance the quality of delivering it, and sometimes, how to overcome any obstacles that we are currently facing. (i had a friend asking me "what on earth is a retreat"..? hehe)

So now, the school holiday is on, so the hotels are all expensive! but yet, our team HAS to do the retreat during this week. So, that's why we choose De Palma Inn Sepang. Actually the price was quite cheap.

But.. with that sort of price per night, these are what u'll get..

Small room! :( hmm..

Anyway, i really miss Alia right now... Alia, when are you coming....? :)

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The Story of lipsticks..


Well, i've read about mama ammar's beauty products..

(eventually this entry has nothing to do with it.. i just remembered that i had to buy a new lipstc because it is going to finish soon! haha..)

All my life, i only had been using 3 lipsticks. haha..

1st batch. (i wear the Terracotta Avon lipstick together with Maybelline shimmer lipstick)

they look great if combined together...

then.. few years passed. and i experienced chapped lips (the term is correct or not..?) so i decided to change lipstick.

I suddenly have an intention to try the Body Shop lipstick. the one in silver. I simply love it! and am still using it until now... :)

That's my story of my lipsticks.. haha.. :)

**i dont wear any lip liner.. gloss etc. Why..? coz i don't like leceh-leceh one. i simply put on my lipstick and ready to go! :)

What about yours...?

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Leaving on A Jetplane..


..All my bags are packed

Im ready to go

Im standin here

outside your door

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

But the dawn is breakin

Its early morn

The taxis waitin

Hes blowin his horn

Already Im so lonesome

I could die

So kiss me and smile for me

Tell me that youll wait for me

Hold me like you'll never let me go

cause Im leavin on a jet plane

Dont know when Ill be back again

Oh babe, I hate to go...

Bye ALia.. Ibu has to go for a retreat today (till sunday).. huhu.. :(

Don't forget to persuade Ayah to join Ibu at the De Palma Inn Sepang this Friday ya! If not, Ibu will be so lonely..

*Psst.. Alia, there's a swimming pool waiting for you! :) hehe..

**and of course la, ibu is not going there by a jetplane! haha..

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Day 2 : The Coconut Tree!


Yesterday when we took her from Makcik Babysitter No.2, she has 2 cute coconut trees on her head! hahaha.. so cute ma!

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The "Bayi Comel" Contest!


Hihi.. secretly (now that i'm telling u, then it is no longer a secret maa!) I am eyeing the Bayi Comel 2009 Contest, organized by the Pa & Ma Magazine.. :)

It has 2 categories, A (1 year old and below) and B (2 year old and below).. :)

So, Danial, sorry, u are unqualified to join this! hehe..

U just have to send in 2 photos or your child (3R or 4R) ~read : 'send' as in snail mail ya! they don't accept email.. :(

before 15 April 2009 to:

Pertandingan Bayi Comel Pa&Ma 2009,

Majalah Pa&Ma,

Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn. Bhd.,

Lot 2 Jln Sepana 15/3,

Off Persiaran Selangor,Seksyen 15,

40200 Shah Alam Selangor.

So, Good luck! (and wish us the very best!) haha..

**more details can be found here or just grab the Pa & Ma Magazine March 2009 Issue!


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Day 1 : The review

Well, We went to Makcik Babysitter No 2's house yesterday around 5.45 pm, and the verdict is....

8.5 out of 10.0.. not bad la..

I opened the door and saw ALia standing, while munching a Farley Rusk cookie.. with a smile on her face.. she looks happy. alhamdulillah..

her friends are on the floor. playing.. one of em was about 1 year old, about the same age as alia.. another one is about 2 years old. a boy. ok la..

Hope she likes it there..

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