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on Insurance..


Well, i've been longing to post about insurance long long time ago.. but it seems that i have much more things to share.. but there's an urgency (due to some reasons) for me to tell u about insurance today. now.

So, do YOU have an insurance..?

Well, why not..?

erm.. to tell u the truth, in the first place i don't want to buy an insurance for ALia.. well.. i thought i won't be needing it!

but after i sent her to the nursery.. and she somehow developed some episodes of coughs.. endless.. and in the end, before she gets any worse, i applied one.

ALhamdulillah, i am a government servant. by right i can get medical treatments from the government hospitals. but i went there several times.. but in the end, the doctor told me

" i'm sorry, your child is under 2 years old, so we can't prescribe cough medicines for her.."

(can't blame him though, coz there's a circular stating that cough medicine is not advisable for 2 years and below..)

so in the end, i had to seek the private hospitals.

..and when we had to admit her, that's when the insurance comes in handy..

(of course, u have to go to the hospitals that are on their list.. if not, u'd have to pay using ur money 1st, later on they'll pay u back.. ahh.. so leceh..)

so, back to insurance. we bought Prudential BSN Takaful for Alia. 'Takaful' there means that it s Islamic.

So, like last time, when we had to admit Alia (to Ampang Puteri Hospital), we just showed the card, paid RM300 as deposit.. and happily duduk dalam wad..

(the rest of the bill will be settled by Prudential and the hospital themselves..)


and i got mine too! It is for saving and medical coverage. (oh ya, ALia's insurance also has savings.. so nanti bila dah 18 years old, ada la sikit duit poket for her University dll).

and mine covers half a million (for medical coverage)..

erm.. :) that's all that i'd like to share with you.. :)

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Nurhayati said...

my Zara pun ada Prudential BSN like Alia.. ;)

cysev3n said...

half a million tuuuu.. mak daya takat 150K lifetime saja...

Diver Mom said...

alhamdulillah.. bagus! :)

hehe.. time saya ambil insuran di org tu kata tgh promotion.. ye ke tak, tak tau la.. :)

intan mama ammar said...

thanx. this is good info

Diver Mom said...

hehe.. sama-sama.. sharing is caring, kan..? :)

Anonymous said...

iye.. insurance is a must. last time aeiry admitted ampang putri due to bronchitis. all paid by ING.. rm1550 sehari cost nye..Has pun ada ambik dgn Great Eastern beside ING comp tu. Insurans mmg byk membantu

UmmiKhayra said...

Yep.. sokong.. And its true.. hehehe Khayra pun dah ada insurans jugak.. me all family ada.. Ia pun boleh dijadikan simpanan di hari tua jugak kan selain asb etc.. :)

Diver Mom said...

aeiry admitted..? siannya.. nasib baik ada insurans, kan..? :)
(oh.. ambil ING.. ) :)

Ummi Khayra:
hehe.. bagus lah kalau gitu! :) a ah.. betul.. simpanan kita secara x langsung.. :)

Nina said...

damiea belum ada insurans:(..ada simpan kat ASB education ajer..nanti damiea da msk taska cukup umo 2 thn ni baru nak ambik

Diver Mom said...

oh.. ye ke..? erm.. mmg x nak ambil insurans ke..? RM150 je! :) tp terpulang la.. kalau rasa mcm x perlu, x da pun x pa.. :)

saisyahk said...

hi zu,
sarah pun ada insurans yg sama mcm alia. baguskan, sebab cover semua plus ada educational plan lagi. My suggestion better ambil for our kids sejak derang baby sebab premium still murah tp coverage banyak.

Diver Mom said...

ha.. sarah pun ada ya..? :) alhamdulillah.. a ah.. betul tu.. bayar x la mahal mana.. :)

iena hamdi said...

ramai jugak yang bitau pasal bsn pru ni... akk lak dah 2 tahun amik takaful etiqa....

maybe next year akak nak try jugak la,.. huhuhu

Diver Mom said...

iena hamdi:
ah.. Prudential BSN ni mmg tgh leading insurance sekarang ni.. mungkin pasal depa ada medical card dll..

Anonymous said...

Tahniah kerana telah membuat keputusan memilih PRUDENTIAL BSN TAKAFUL BHD...=)

Dgn PRU-BSN, anda akn mendapat pakej Life-Takaful 3 dlm 1...Medical + Medical Card + Investment...Pakej yg dicari2...heh

Anyway, all the best in the future...May you & your family stay healthy and live a happy life..

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