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on Stomach ache!!!!!


Dear stomachache (or rather, mr senggugut),

please go away..

It's hard to do my work...


**here are a few things you can do if you have a stomach ache:

(aiyo, they think i am hungry! sabar je lah..)

-Eat if you think it might be related to hunger!
-Try to go to the bathroom.
-Your feet must be at a higher level than the rest of your body. Try putting some pillows below your feet and the ache will go away.
-Eat an herb which aids digestion, such as ginger (ginger-ale with ACTUAL ginger in it or ginger snaps), peppermint (gum and candy cane as long as it is real peppermint), Aloe Vera Juice (an anti-parasitic that aids digestion) or Vernors (a great soda which helps cure stomach aches and is from MI). Similar herbal teas that help digestion include mint, ginger or chamomile tea.
-Place a heating pad on your abdomen to give temporary pain relief.
-Lie down for a few minutes and relax!
-Close your eyes.
-Place a cool moist wash cloth over your forehead.
-Breathe slowly and evenly, trying to keep your mind off of the pain.
-Sip a glass of iced water slowly.
-Eat bland foods; crackers, bread, rice, etc. Sometimes stomach aches are caused by too much acid floating around in your stomach with nothing to do. These foods will help absorb the acid to make things a little more comfortable. Also, sipping a glass of water will help to dilute the acid in your stomach. You may also just be hungry!
-Lie on your left side for 5 minutes on a comfortable couch or bed to see whether it will allow you to burp. This is because the stomach is on the left side of the body and the esophagus enters the stomach on the right. So, the bubbles of gas can rise to that entry point and make a burp possible.
-Avoid spicy foods, heavy foods or rich desserts until your stomach balances out.
-Try to stay away from loud noises this may make you stressful and worrying and being stressed can make your stomach to ache.
-Drinking black coffee tends to aid the digestive process.
-Try a Tums: Especially the fruit kind.
-Drink some flat lemonade.
-Try carbonated beverages such as ginger ale, carbonated mineral water (mix with juice to add flavour), or tonic water (with quinine, it tastes horrible but it works!)
-Stick a pillow in your shirt, then lie on your stomach.
-Avoid drinking dairy products.
-Place an ice cube above, on or below your belly button and lie down.
-Lay on your left side comfortably as it helps aid acid flow while getting rid of gas bubbles that may be causing pain. This also may cause flatulence.
-Use a hot water bottle.
-Try taking a hot bath and relaxing for a little bit in your tub.
-Sit down comfortably and bring your knees up to your chest and stay like that for a minute or two.


pic: by Google
It has been a while since i last had my 'senggugut' (period pain).
Dulu-dulu, when i had one, i usually rushed to pharmacy and get Ibupropen *hope the spelling is right* (well, we can't buy Panadol Menstrual anymore)..
Now, Ibupropen is already finished...
And to make matters worse, Mr Hubby is having a course at Dengkil right now..
nak suruh sapa gi farmasi ya...? hmm... :(

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ZuH@iLieY said...

abg zul xdak??
sapa hntar kakni g keje?
esok elly balik...
tggl alia kat umah tau

ZuH@iLieY said...

ehh.nak org belikan ke???
leh jer

ZuH@iLieY said...

ni kakni xkeje ke??amik cuti eh???

ZuH@iLieY said...

eh..reply la...

ZuH@iLieY said...

kakni ni saja nak suh elly comment byk2 ni..
malam ni ely ada dinner...

ZuH@iLieY said...

brapa ye bilangan comments ku???

Diver Mom said...

haha.. apa la eli nih.. banyaknya dia komen.. :)

kami kerja hari ni, abg zul, lepas punch kad, trus gi kursus.

tingal alia..? hmm.. tgk la dulu ya.

Zue said...

elly dah balik tu
mintak ponstan dia aje

by the way
comelnya template
comel cam alia...:D

aCu said...

klu saket perot,
g tdo..
abes cite.

Diver Mom said...

hehe.. ponstan..? x elok la. ada side efek!

hehe.. ni kat opis la. kang org kata makan gaji buta! :)


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