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Sleeping at the office..


semalam alia tidur di ofis! (ibu dia kan terpaksa bawa alia ke ofis...)

alas tidur yang mat colorful tu memang ada di ofis.. stand by..

bantal - curi dari tempat member.. haha :)

selimut - bawa dari rumah

dan beberapa benda lain yg kami bawa :

7 keping pampers..

4 pasang baju + seluar

sehelai tuala (just in case alia poo poo)

satu botol susu

satu bekas segitiga (isi susu tepung..)

tu je! :) amat mudah kan..?

*di ofis ada air panas.. so x perlu bother nak bawa thermos dll :)

selamat bercuti di hujung minggu! :)

on The weird but sweet dream..


I had a strange.. weird.. but it was a sweet dream.. :)

Wanna know what it is....?

Here is my story..

Last night.. i was asleep..

like any other day...

usually i fall asleep as soon as Alia fell asleep..

So, in my dream...

In front of me there was a lady..

pregnant lady..

laying on a bed.. hospital bed..

her both legs are up, wide apart and in a position "like giving birth" or "terkangkang"..

And i was at the end of her legs..

OMG. I am a doctor! (or a nurse..)

And i was about to make a cut or an episiotomy (err.. is this term correct..?) at her vagina..

and amazingly, i did it like i had done a hundred times!

and after i 'cut' her..

i seluk my hands.. and walla!

here comes the baby! :)

and it was a girl! :)

and i cleared her mouth.. nose.. and wipe her whole body..

and i passed her to her mother...






hehe.. so sweet..

So, kek Na, i dreamt that ur second child is a girl.. (isn't that sweet..? Danial and his little sister.. sepasang!) :)

The end...
(illustration : Alia when she was a newborn!)

on Working on Weekends..


Ibu Alia has to work today..

so she dragged Alia together with her.. :)

hope she'll have a nice day today! :)

Alia, be good ya!

on Let's order!


Well, ibu Alia sudah ketandusan idea...

This is a snap we took few weeks ago.. di SACC Mall (time pergi Poney Sale dulu tu)

And we had pizza for lunch.

Budak kecik ni mula-mula ok..

But later on, dia mengamuk sakan.. x nak duduk di high chair (yang empuk itu)..

So mr hubby pun bawa la jalan-jalan sekitar restoran..

*sekarang ni, kalau bawa ke restoran, kalau alia buat 'hal' gitu, maknanya dia nak makan sendiri.. means :

Dia nak duduk atas seat (bukan high chair, ya.. tapi seat..) dan dia nak satu pinggan yang ada food.. just for her..

Hmm.. pandai betul!.. :)

For Twilighters!


Ibu Alia nak tanya sikit ni...

Besides the author (Stephenie Meyer's Website), i stumbled upon a website..


Bella's Diary

erm.. is this Bella's Diary the continuity of the Beaking Dawn...?

I'm a bit confused here...

*honeylanz, u pergi ke JJ Fiesta tu..? :)

And the winner is....


I'm so sorry..

I was so bz this evening.. tu yang belum announce tu! sorry ya!

So, pemenang nya ialah...


dengan jawapannya:

Upin dan Ipin! :)

walaupun ramai yg teka upin dan ipin juga, tapi pemenangnya adalah org pertama yg teka jawapan yg betul! :)

So, mummy dasy, pls email alamat di


dan terima kasih banyak-banyak pada yg mencuba! :)

**aduhai.. penatnya bekerja hari ni.. :( komen pun x sempat reply..

on Terkenang..


tiba-tiba ibu alia terkenang..

time alia kecik-kecik dulu...

ketika alia masih lagi naik walker..

ketika alia masih lagi tembam!

ketika alia masih lagi...




tidak reti menjerit sesuka hati! :)

oh.. how i miss those times..

on Pop Quiz Number 2!


Well, ibu Alia tengah kemaruk nak buat Pop Kuiz.. x tau la kenapa.. haha.. :)

Anyway, this time around, i think it is a little bit harder than the last one.

But let me be fair to you,

This time you can guess as many as u want to. Just type your guess at the comment form below.

But, THE WINNER is the FIRST PERSON who answered it correctly! (so if 2nd, 3rd.. person betul, tidak dikira pemenang.. boleh gitu..? )

ok.. itu adalah rules nya.

And now, the question :

"What show do you think Alia and Danial is watching...?"

in malay :

"Rancangan apakah yang anda rasa Alia dan Danial sedang tonton...?"

yup.. didn't i tell u that it's gonna be hard...? :)

ok, la.. hint :

-ini rancangan kanak-kanak... hahah :)

Ok, so make your guess now!

The contest will end tomorrow (Thursday, 12.30 pm ~noon~ )

~oh ya, the prize is the same : Fridge Magnet fish.. boleh..? :)
(oh ya, to KEK, ACU (aka Kambenggurun), De (aka zuhailiey), anda dilarang masuk ya! ) :) sorry..

on Robot Zoo!


Wah.. it was really an overwhelming response (regarding the Pop Quiz that i did yesterday) !! :)

And yes, we will have the 2nd Pop Quiz soon! (bila nak buat, ya..? Tengah hari...? ) ok. then, it is set! Tomorrow (that will be on Wednesday... Noon!) :) Jenguk la ye.. hopefully not as hard as the first one! :)

Ok, back to our story..

We (National Science Centre) are proud to announce that we have a new exhibition at our place!

It is called Robot Zoo!

This exhibition is brought all the way from.... Singapore! yup.. not so far, though!

It will be until end of June 09..

Robot Zoo exhibits animals.. but in the form of robots! yes, they are moving (to the left and right..).. and actually the main purpose is to show how the animal moves by using robots!

So you can learn (and know) how the animals move.. see.. run.. etc..

And the best part is.. 80% of the exhibits are hands-on! :)

Erm.. this exhibition is free. But if you just have to pay a little amount for the entrance fee (that one covers Robot Zoo, and also others NSC exhibition galleries) Oh ya.. How much is the fee..? For adult : RM4.00, and for children : RM2.00 :)

This is why i was thinking of having the My Super Kids gathering here! :) hihi...

Oh ya, don't forget to stay tune for the the Pop Quiz number 2! :)

~hadiah fridge magnet ikan tu lagi, boleh tak...? bajet x berapa nak ada.. lain la kalau ada sponsor! *wink* :)

on Pemenang Pop Kuiz!


Saya ucapkan berbanyak2 terima kasih di atas sokongan yang diberi terhadap Pop Kuiz yang tidak seberapa semalam...

Terima kasih diucapkan kepada :
Intan (mama Ammar)

Mama Sarah & Syimir


Cik Yan

Mama Emma





Umie Hanie


Hernee Nazir

dan last contestant..

Mrs Noba

*sori to Zaila mohamad, contest tutup awal ya..? next time saya buat longer period, ya! :)


Dan JAWAPAN kepada POP KUIZ adalah....







(kami kata "Alia, Sep.. Sep.. Sep!" )

dan PEMENANGNYA ialah....



Anda telah memenangi sebuah fridge magnet (yang tidak seberapa ini..)

saja nak promote Pusat Sains Negara, boleh..? :) oh ya.. hope u like fish!
:) thanks for participating!

Nak POP KUIZ lagi....? :) hehehe...

on Alia's New Pyjamas!


1. The answer & the winner for yerterday's Pop Quiz i'll announce this afternoon, ya! (together with the picture of the prize..) :)

2. Oh, ya, this is the cute pyjamas i was talking about! :) Erm.. and this is actually her FIRST pyjamas! hihi... (nasib baik murah.. dalam RM17.00 +- gitu.. at JJ Au2) :)

The model was drinking Calci Yum... :)

Erm.. And she wanted to eat cekodok too!..

See, Mama Ammar.. Lots and lots of pyjamas for todlers (boys too!) erm.. baju warna biru tu banyak juga, kan...?

on Pop Kuiz !!!!!!


Ibu ALia tengah kemaruk nak buat POP KUIZ, boleh...? :)

Ok, Klu dia ialah ini:

Soalan saya :

"Cuba teka apa yang kami kata yang membuatkan Alia react sedemikian rupa...? "

Pilihan jawapan:


1. kami kata "Alia, Give me five!"

2. kami kata "Alia, Bye.. Bye..!"

3. kami kata " Alia, Sep.. Sep.. Sep!"

4. kami kata "Alia, tangan mana..?!"

5. kami kata " Alia, hidung mana..?!"

6. kami kata "Alia, Peace!"

7. kami kata "Alia, jari mana..?!"

ok., tu saja ya. jawapannya ada di salah satu dari yang di atas tu! :)

Sila teka (dengan meneka di ruangan komen) ! :)

Orang yang pertama yang memberi jawapan yang betul akan dianggap sebagai PEMENANG!

~Hadiah simple je.. erm.. Fridge Magnet.. Boleh..? :)

**PERHATIAN : POP KUIZ ini TIDAK BOLEH disertai oleh Kek Na, Ely dan Ika.. (kerana mereka tahu jawapannya.. haha )


on Scratches!


Finally! The pressies for the winners of My-ALia Giveaway #2 are all wrapped up. Hope i (or Mr Hubby) dan post them by tomorrow (Monday)... :)

*nak tepek gambar hadiah sebelum dibungkus, boleh...? kecik je gambarnya... :)

Erm.. my oh my.. this cute little girl is learning Guide To Dummies : Scratch To Make Your Parents Worried Sick! Hmm.. Yup.. That's Alia..

Yesterday, there was a mark just between her right eye and her nose (at the arrow)..

And today, i just realised that there is another one! inside her ear!

Check punya check, her nails are fine.. they are eventually not that long!

Hmm.. maybe it's her habbit.. scratching!

What a weird thing to do for a pastime! Aduhai ALia... Please find something else to do rather than scratching yourself! :(

Hmm.. Apa nak buat ya...?

~~psst! Yesterday we went to JJAu2... Jalan-jalan makan angin.. hihi.. and i found a cute.. very cute pink pyjamas for Alia! :) I will snap if she wears it tomorrow ya! :)

on "Please! Not The Shampoo!!!!!"


Well, Alia ni, kalau time mandi.. rutinnya begini:

Tadah air panas dalam besen..

Siapkan pakaian alia..

Ambil Alia dan undress her..

Masukkan Alia ke dalam besen...

Sabunkan badannya dengan Johnson's Bedtime Bath (oh.. ibu ALia suka pakai yang ini..) :)

Bilas badannya dengan air..


Time for some shampoo!

Tak tahu kenapa, lately, bila kita lumur kepala dia dengan shampoo....

Dia akan jadi takut!

dan terus peluk kita!

aiyo... basah ibu!

so kena la distract dia... bawak jalan2 dalam rumah dulu.. (dalam keadaan bogel tu!)

then baru la kita bawa dia ke besen tu dan bilas kepala dia...


Macam-macam alia!

**err.. budak2 mmg x suka shampoo ke..? last time rasanya ok je.. :)

on Kereta Baru!


"Bapaku pulang dari kota...

Bapaku belikan kereta..

Kereta kecil warna merah..

Bolehku bawa ke sekolah...

Pon.. pon.. pon.. pon.. pon.. (2x)

Kereta kecilku berbunyi...

Marilah adik mari naik...

Bolehku bawa ke sekolah... "


Still remember the song...?

Presenting.... Kereta baru ALia!!! Tada!

(haha... ini adalah kereta mainan dari zaman kakak saya + kami adik beradik time kecik2 dulu... So.. memandangkan stor sedang di'upgrade'.. tu yang muncul semula mainan ini di ruang tamu!) :)

on Scott's


Well... Ibu Alia nak introduce y'all to this!

Ini ialah Scott's Vitamin C Pastil..

Ia adalah keluaran Glaxo Smith Kline..

Adik beradik kepada Scott's Emulsion.. cuma, yang Scott's Emulsion tu dalam bentuk cecair.. (liquid).. yang itu kalau nak bagi babies amat sesuai la..

tapi bagi sesetengah ibu yang anak mereka menginjak ke alam toddler (read 3 years above) mereka dah pandai cari helah! so kebanyakan toddler at that age x gemar minum Scott's Emulsion itu dah..

So, (i think) that's why mereka keluarkan dalam bentul pastil pula.. :)

dan ibu dan ayah alia termasuk dalam golongan yang memakan benda alah ni hari-hari.. hihi :)

oh ya, Danial (sepupu Alia) pernah ratah setengah botol dalam sehari! so, actually benda alah ni sangat la manis..

bahagian luar dia diselaputi gula... dalam tu macam jelly.. :)

you should try it! :)

Oh.. Glaxo company should hire me as their agent! :)

on Mati Hidup Semula!


Well, this Saturday n Sunday, Insya allah Mr Hubby n i won't be working! :) bestnya...

SO, one of the MUST DO activity is..

Visit our house! (yup! the one is Saujana Utama...)

It had been a few months now, since we left and stayed with my parents..

and last week, when we arrived home..

we can see that nothing much has changed.. (the inside part of the house, that is..) only some dusts here and there...

But when i went to our 'so-called-Taman'.. oh, sedihnya... but yet, so interesting!

the red wild flower plant had died... and regenerate itself! haha.. hidup - mati - hidup balik!

and some worse parts.. like kacang panjang that is now so dried out!


my dulunya-ada-kacang-bendi-dan-jagung spots are now covered with rumput rampai... :(

sabar je lah...

yeah. Evolution!

So what's your plan for the weekend...? :)

on Top 10 Actresses!


Erm... due to some requests (some ke..? tibai je lah..) on my list (yang x seberapa tu..) of my Top 10 Actressess... (wah.. actress pula ye..? esok apa pulak..? ) :)

so, here it is!
My Top 10 Actresses! (whom i adore....) :)

1. Cameron Diaz ~ love her film : There's Something About Mary and Charlie's Angels..

2. Catherine Zeta Jones ~ love her in the Zorro! :)

3. Angelina Jolie ~ love her in 'Tomb Raider'.. but i have yet to see her Bone Collector..

4. Halle Berry ~ love her in 'X-Men'.. 'but i watched her 'Monster's Ball' (not bad, though.. although ada part sensored..).. and also love her 'Swordfish'! brilliant film!

5. Jennifer Anniston ~ love her in Friends (boleh gitu..?)

6. Julia Robert ~ love her in 'Notting Hill'.. 'My Best Friend's Wedding'.. 'Stepmom'.. (i love all her films.. full stop)

7. Nicole Kidman ~ oh, i simply adore her! loves her 'The Others'.. 'Bewitched'.. 'The Stepford Wives'.. 'Moulin Rouge'.. (have yet to watch : 'The Invasion'.. 'The Golden Compass'..)

8. Reese Witherspoon ~ i love her in 'Just Like Heaven'.. 'Legally Blonde 1 & 2'.. 'Sweet Home Alabama'... 'Cruel Intention'.. :) *smile wickedly*

9. Sandra Bullock ~ love her 'Speed'.. 'Miss Congeniality'.. '28 Days'.. :)

and.. actually i missed someone..

~Jennifer Garner ~ love her in '13 Going on 30'.. and looking forward her 'Ghost of Girlfriends Past'..

oh.. besides Hollywood divas, on my 10th place, there's a tie!



-Aisywarya Rai


-Dato' Siti Nurhaliza!

Aisy ~ love her 'Devdas'.. 'Taal'.. 'Aa Aab Laut Chalen'.. 'Muhabbatein'.. :)

Dato' Siti ~ Alamak! Siti is not an actress! (well, not yet... ) :) anyway, i just think that she's very lovely! :)

So, who's your pick...? :)

on Let's Hunt!

Salam.... (pagi ni kita cerita pasal alia ya!) :)

Actually apa yang di 'hunt' pun tidak kuketahui... :)

Semalam.. as i was carrying alia (in other word, dukung).. alia tiba-tiba bersuara "Nak.. Nak.. Nak.."

And she pointed at a handbag! (err.. De's handbag to be exact.. )

So i gave her the bag....

Begini ya, puan2 cara sepatutnya memakai handbag! :)
And seperti biasa.. dia mula lah selongkar what ever inside it! :)

Dan menangis kalau kita snatch the bag away from her... :)

Haha... Typical ALia.. :)


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