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Why I Like It Longer

Hi y'all!

I have a game. What would your answer be if you are being asked "which one do u prefer? Shorter or longer?"

so, hear me out! These are my answers:


I'd prefer longer combs. Why? I like longer combs because in just one stroke, i can cover almost half of my head! Easy, right? Save energy, save time too!

That's why i like it longer!


I like longer handbags. "Longer" means the straps are longer, and you can put them around your sholders. Why i like longer ones? because when i'm carrying those types of handbags, i feel secure (of my bag from the snatch thief) and my hands are free to hold / carry other things. My Alia, maybe? :)

Try compare that to the other handbag (the one in red). Or they call it clutch. Simply unsecured, right? and quite messy because you have to hold on to it all the time!

That's why i like it longer!


With longer wallets, you can fit in a lot of cards (credit cards, insurance cards, ATM and licence) without in the end making it look 'fat' and thick! With longer wallets too, i can arrange my cash properly.

However, with shorter wallet (or the 'normal' wallet), you may end up with your cash looks like this!That's why i like it longer!

-Remote ControlI like longer remotes because they are easy to hold, to push the buttons and easier to handle.

Oh, and the buttons on longer remotes are usually bigger, and easier to use. Like this one!

That's why i like it longer!


I like longer phones. Why? Because all my life, i've been using various types of phones. I've owned a Motorola Motorazr V3, which was at that time, the smallest and the slimmest. BUT, i always accidentally dropped it on the floor because it was so thin and so slippery!

Next, i owned a Nokia N95 (until now). I am holding on to it because of it's 5 mp camera. But, it is so damn thick! It is very hard for me to even put it in my front pocket of my jeans!However, if i were to choose, i'd choose the new LG Chocolate Phone because it is uniquely long! Why i like it longer? Simple. Because with longer phones, i get to surf and see the contents of my blog in one piece. And i get to take my pictures, shoot my videos or see them easily with those wide screen!

That's why i like it longer!

Oh ya, by the way, this LG Chocolate Phone BL40 is by far the latest one from the range of LG Chocolate Series.

It is very unique because of it's long shape, and it has a few cool stuffs like:

-5 mega pixel camera (ooh.. same like my N95!)
-touch screen phone
-4 inch wide screen with HD resolution! (wow, nice! did i mention that it comes embedded with the epic action movie, AVATAR? It'd be great watching it!)

Let's just hope i win it! So i get to write you a review! :)


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Zue said...

chet! ingat apsal tadi sumenya longer.

i want
-shorter workday
-shorter smaller phone 9that's why i own nokia slide 5600i)
-shorter handbags (i usually dont use a handbags pun, stuff money and key inside pocket- enough)
-shorter remote control (the less the better)


Diver Mom said...

mama danial:
oh.. gitu yer... :)

Kambenggurun said...

patut la kakni pun long.

Emma said...

nice entry!!!

hope u win it!!

-mama emma®-

Diver Mom said...

ahaha.. ika pun long gak.. :)

mama emma:
thanks. itu je idea yang datang di kepalaku.. :)

Hazwan Hakim said...

so detail and very information..

see my post also..hehe


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