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Berapakah upah cat rumah?


Sedang mencari-cari gambar.. terjumpa ini...

Ini adalah bukti bahawa time bulan puasa pun saya gigih membantu mengecat pintu pagar rumah ibu bapak saya di keramat nun..


Ok la, walaupun that was just 10 minutes! hihihi...

Pembantu saya pun rajin memayungi diriku.. :)

anyway, saya terfikir-fikir nak mengecat rumah saya di Sungai buloh..

I was thinking.. roughly berapa ringgit ya..?

tiba-tiba lepas raya, daku terlihat iklan di post box..

mengecat rumah - satu tingkat - dalam berapa ribu ringgit entah..

but to my surprise, rumah dua tingkat, upah cat adalah RM3, 500! wah.. mahalnya!!

Ni belum lagi tanya kalau rumah tu corner lot. Sure lagi mahal sebab kena cat belah tepi lagi.. hihihi...

ok, that means rumah ku kena tunggu lagi beberapa tahun la baru akan di cat semula.. :)

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The aerochamber


Ariff had been coughing for a few days now.

It is starting to develop the wheezing sound..

I am stunned.

Few days ago, we went to a clinic nearby and they gave us salbutamol (to be taken orally).

But i think the condition is just the same.

No improvement (yet!)

Yesterday, my sister gave me a brilliant idea.

she suggested me to use the aerochamber..

Oh.. ya. i forgot!

last time when alia was 6 months and 8 months old, she was admitted too!

and one of the hospital gave us (okay, we paid for it, actually) an aerochamber, and the gas (gas..? okay, it was inhaler, to be exact).

and the doc taught us how to use it.

last nite i opened the cupboard and the aerochamber is still in good condition..

and we manage to find 2 inhalers (one from Ampang Puteri Hospital and another one from An-Nur Hospital).. (didn't i tell you that Alia used to 'berkampung' at hospitals...?)

Anyway, i asked mr hubby to buy either Ventolin or Combivent inhaler at the pharmacy.

Turned out COmbivent is no longer in stock. they stop producing them.

So mr hubby bought the Ventolin inhaler.

Ariff was struggling with it at first.

Hopefully after a few days, his condition is better..


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Wordless Wednesday (kali ni betul2 wednesday...)

:) hihihi...

Semalam ingat hari rabu.. Selasa rupanya... ;)

Ini saya ambil dari fan page fb robert pattinson..

Sedang x sabar nak tunggu breaking dawn masuk wayang....

Robotic Festival has been postponed to 19-27 November 2011


Robotic Festival has been postponed from September to November (19th - 27th November 2011)

Activities are still the same (but i'm thinking to add some more! hihihi)


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Wordless Wednesday


Venue : Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

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Danial n eva mai keramat!!!


Danial dan eva mai keramat!!!

Alia sedang moody, that's y rupa dia sangat unhappy... :(

Dah besar dah danial n eva.. ;)

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Hari Raya!!!!


Selamat Hari Raya!!!

Oh.. Hari ini ofis ada buat jamuan raya...

So the aura of raya is just overwhelming.. hihihi... (yes, although Syawal is going to end soon!)


Tapi daku pakai baju biasa-biasa saja..

Baju raya daku adalah nursing wear blouse.. hihihi

Takkan la nak pakai nursing wear, ye dak?

Ok la, selamat hari jumaat semua!!! :)

**Mood bunga-bunga sebab gaji dah masuk.. hihihih

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Malaysia lawan jepun, kalah 0-2


Sedihnya Malaysia kalah malam tadi..

0-2 tu!

Saya duk khusyuk tengok, bila nak score ni..

tiba-tiba Alia on Playstation dia..

Dia kata, nak main game lah!


Oleh kerana daku pun da bosan sebab Malaysia tak score sampai ke sudah, layan sajalah Alia main PS..


Mr Hubby kata Team Jepun tu adalah the best in Asia...

Patutlah Malaysia tak terlawan....

Ok la, harimau malaya...

nanti match di Malaysia, kita sumbat gol ya! :)

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Quick Update!


Ok, just a quick update.

I will be so busy at PICC today. Just as yesterday. attending and being a secretariat at the same time, for the Asia Pacific Workshop on Popularization of Science.

Yesterday i came home quite late.

Poor Ariff..

Alhamdulillah, Mr Hubby manage to take care of him...

Hopefully today it won't be as late as yesterday.. :)

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Alamak! Lupa update blog!!


Didn't i tell u that i'm a workaholic? Hihihi...

Harini got meeting one after another....

Erm.. Anyway, esok cuti!!!!

Yes!!! :)

Happy holiday everyone.. And happy hari malaysia!!!

Aktiviti main air - penawar bagi budak yang demam


Well, semalam saya dan anak-anak ada di rumah.

kebetulan saya cuti. tapi anak-anak (dan saya) tiba-tiba tak sihat la pula...

Tapi tengok lah, tak macam gaya budak demam!

dan Ariff pun sama.... :)

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Well. Today babysitter ke klinik.

So i had to apply leave to take care of my kids.

Last night all of a sudden alia had a temperature..

Ariff was coughing all night long..

Aduhai.. (and i was coughing too!!)


Hmm.. So in the end, today, all three of us are sick and had to rest at home. Haha

Do we really care..?


Last saturday we went to Hero supermarket. It was just 'sepelaung' from my mom's house.

And as usual, Ariff and I stayed inside the car. Sometimes i nurse him. Sometimes i was just too lazy to dukung him and tour around the supermarket. Better ask mr hubbs to buy all the necessities :)

So one of our fave pastime is.. Camwhore!

So we snap a bit here and there..

And then i noticed one car park in front of us, they did something, and then quickly went away..

Then another car, did the same.

I looked carefully and turned out that they were littering! Ok, littering sounds quite nice, they were throwing their rubbishes!!!

No wonder the rubbish has becoming like a mountain! See!

Aduhai malaysians..


Things to do when you are down


When you are feeling down..

You have to distract yourself with something..


If you ask me, here are the things that i love to do when i am down :

-Listen to songs (sometimes i prefer songs from heavy metal genre (eg Metallica, Linkin park etc)

-Eat! (lucky i didn't gain weight so easily...!) I love to eat ice cream or carbonated drinks when i'm down...

-Sleep! (ok, i love to sleep too!) so that when i woke up, everything will be back to normal :)

-Surfing (hmm... so so la.. sometimes it didn't work..)

ok. i think that's all.

what about u? :)

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Robotic Festival 2011 at Pusat Sains Negara


Yes. I have been wanting to share this with you out there.

but i was so busy..

anyway, just wanna inform you guys that ROBOTIC FESTIVAL 2011 will be held as below:

venue: Pusat Sains Negara

Date: 24th Sept (Saturday) - 2nd Oct (Sunday)

**Close on Friday (30th Sept)

Time: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

actually this festival is in conjunction with the Actroid Encyclopaedia Exhibition that will enter PSN (soon!)

So we have come out with loads of activities, such as

-Meet & Greet / Stage Performance = catch robots doing performance on the stage!

-Robotic Pit Stop Station = hands-on robotic activity for you to try!

-Robot Zoo = a collection of animal robots!

-Showcase = displays of robots from the local IPTA/IPTS and NGOs

-Robotic Workshop = one hour workshop for students (10 - 14 years old). to participate, register here!

Detail of activities as below:

**you can find our posters, schedule and forms in PSN website as well. tq

we also have special events, which are:

-Robotic Humanoid Show - there'll be a close competition (on billoid robots) among MRSMs and the winner will present their robot on the 1st Oct, 2-3 pm

-The Largest Robot Tour around PSN - this is a record breaking event, we'll be inviting primary and secondary students who have LEGO Mindstorm Education ( set 9797) to participate! what they'll do is, in the morning, we'll guide the students to assemble their robots, and at 11 am, the students will let their robot to 'tour' around PSN! as this is a record breaking event, if we manage to get 400 robots to tour around PSN, we are going to break the existing record in the Malaysia Book of Record! :) So for those interested, please fill in the form here as seats are limited.

So, what more can i say, come over to ROBOTIC FESTIVAL! :) see u there! :)

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Ibu demam sebab pulun untuk Robotic Festival 2011


Rasanya ibu saya demam sebab duk pulun untuk Robotic Festival 2011 la..


ibu punya team mate sorang pun demam hari ini. MC terus.

yang masih bertahan is ibu punya LI.. hihihih

Saya..? nanti la.. rasa macam masih boleh bertahan.. kalau tak boleh, nanti i pi klinik lah...


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Ibu demam...


Alamak.. Ibu demam.... huhuhu :(

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Wordless Wednesday - Bubbles!


Ni Ariff kan?


Well, dah lama saya tak bersosial bersama bloggers lain..

last time rasanya time Nuffnang Friso event di OU.

So sudah agak lama saya tidak disapa dengan :

"Ni Alia kan..?"


"Ni Ariff kan?"


So baru-baru ni time raya, kami telah ke rumah mertua kakak saya di Johor. Tak silap, one of her relatives telah menyapa saya dan bertanya:

"Ni Ariff kan..?"

As i was dukung Ariff at that time.

Terkedu juga la.. hahahah

Sebab saya rasa dah lama orang tak menyapa saya begitu..

Saya juga rasa macam dah tak ada orang yang baca ni..

ada lagi rupanya..?

Alhamdulillah.. terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada rakan-rakan dan pembaca di luar sana...

Hmm.. ni yang buat rasa macam nak organize a giveaway! ahahahah...

tengok lah nanti ya!



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Di pagi raya nan indah permai

Wah... banyaknya kuih raya!!! Yang ni saya punya!!!

Ariff! Ni kak Yaya punya la!!

Ariff ambil satu.. Kak Yaya ambil satu... boleh..?

Heheheh.... one quick pose!

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Main bunga api boleh! Main mercun tak boleh!


Few nights sebelum raya, kami jam di rumah Wan dan Atuk di keramat...

semua ada..

ada Eva, danial, abah danial, mak long... dan De dan Acu...

Mak long ada beli bunga api satu kotak..

so Alia pun tumpang main la sekali... :)

Alia kata " main bunga api boleh.. main mercun tak boleh!!"


ni tekong budak2 ni...

ibu alia jaga kamera saja :)

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Selamat bekerja dan berpuasa enam!!


Kejap saja dah hari Isnin kan?

Alhamdulillah, saya masih bercuti hari ini :) hihihi

Buat rakan-rakan yg bekerja, saya ucapkan selamat bertugas...


Selamat berpuasa enam!!! :)

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